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A Shout-Out to My Day Job

16 Apr

Hey all –

So I don’t usually do this kind of stuff, but for once I made an exception:

I’m the content editor for a new online app called Invitekix.

It’s a platform that you can use to send customized video invitations with – um – kooky – characters that actually speak you and your guests’ names.

For instance, here’s a video invitation, inviting you to the launch (for the sake of this post, you’re all named Bunny. Because really, could I choose anything else?):

I personally think it’s pretty kewl. They’re a great company, and they’ve been amazing with all of the hard stuff I’ve been through.

We’ve just launched with a special preview beta version, and I would love it if you checked it out, and shared it with friends if you like it!

Thanks all!

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