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Bullets and Bunnies – Redoux

5 Oct

I need a distraction from the craziness of the last 24 hours, so allow me to continue with our regularly scheduled programming:

  • My brain is so fried it may as well be a side dish at a drive thru. I don’t know if anyone ever told you all this, but buying an apartment is expensive and stressful! We’ve been running around like maniacs to get all of our paperwork done for the mortgage. If all goes to plan (which it rarely does), we should have the keys to our new place early next week, and we can get started on renovations. With the holidays here everything is a little wonky, but I’m hoping we’ll be in sometime in early November. I’m sorry I’ve been a bad bloggy friend in the last week. I’m just EXHAUSTED.
  • Clarification from our Rosh Hashana fiasco, because a couple of people asked: OPKs can act as HPTs, because LH, the hormone they detect, is very similar to HCG. You can read more about it at my favorite pee-stick bible. Oh, and just to be clear, I was relieved that it was a BFN. If it was positive at that point, it would have for certain been an ectopic, just like last time. It was one of the few times I was relieved to see a single solitary line.
  • In other news, I had “the feeling” again. In three pregnancies so far, I’ve never been wrong, here’s hoping the streak continues, and this time it sticks. I’m officially 3 days into the TWW. Will I be right again? We’ll know in a week or so, depending on how early I decide to pee on stuff. We shall see. Oh! Let’s have a poll! When should I pee?                                                                                                                            
    *Note: If you vote for 12DPO, I may listen to you guys, but I probably won’t. I um, like to pee on stuff, in case you hadn’t noticed. 🙂
  • On Sunday, I finished shopping for all of the new furniture for the new place, and I gots me some awesome deals. It was exhausting and stressful. This is like, real adult furniture! Plus, I couldn’t stop thinking about how kid-friendly my fabric choices needed to be, and I couldn’t stop imagining a bunch of little rugrats climbing all over the stuff. Once the decisions were made (and the stuff is gorgeous, I can’t wait to put it all in place and post pics), I was relieved, excited, and a little sad. Getting this house together has been really fun, but always marred with a little sadness and anxiety, because I know that I’m putting this place together for our kids, and they have yet to show up. Hopefully the pretty house will be motivation enough.
  • Funny furniture shopping anecdote: My mom and I spent two hours at a store trying to pick out the wood stain color for our dining set and living room furniture. We stared at an iPhone pic of the wood panel flooring I had picked out, and tried to figure out what would go best with it. Once we finally picked the color, we get in the car. My mom says something doesn’t quite feel right to her. She then proceeds to drive to the wood panel flooring place, and pick up a huge piece of flooring so we have a physical sample. After two hours of driving the furniture salesman crazy, we proceed BACK to the store, and my mom marches in carrying a three-foot wood-panel board. Just for context, my mom is about 5 feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds. This TINY woman marches up to the guy and we compare the wood stain with the panel. She was right – the colors were all wrong. So we picked new ones. I think the furniture guy thinks my mom is crazy. I just think she’s a darn good interior designer. Bonus for me!
  • Have you submitted your questions for Group Therapy Thursday yet? No? Well get on it, then!
  • The heavy heart demands a bunny, so I leave you with a particularly adorable one:

Another Thought Vomit Post

4 Sep

Maybe it’s  just the way I roll lately. Or maybe it’s because I’ve had a long day on 4 hours sleep. Either way,  here come the bullets!

  • The stupid fake pregnancy “breast cancer awareness” meme caught me off guard. I only saw one post by a FB friend, and I was on the verge of tears, thinking she was preggo with her third child. I was so angry I shared every blog post I found about it. And some angry status updates. Let’s just put it this way: if anyone DIDN’T know I was a bitter infertile before, they sure as hell know now. And I don’t care at this point. How many women who are infertile due to breast cancer, would support this? And tell me, how the heck is this stupid meme helping find a cure for breast cancer? But why don’t you just go over and read Elphie’s post. She’s far more eloquent than I on the subject. I’m just pissed.
  • I got a +OPK yesterday. That’s CD 18, the earliest it’s been in a while. Methinks this is good news about my cycle. I’ve been worried about how late I’ve been popping lately. This makes me officially in the TWW. But I think I’m not going to go crazy this time. I have too much other stuff on my plate, plus – I promised Shmerson. We’ll see what the next week or so brings. I’m sure I’ll be peeing my heart out within the week, but that’s just because I’ll take any opportunity to pee on stuff.
  • Speaking of peeing on stuff – I went on an infertile shopping spree last week. I had to order something for my mom online when I saw a pop-up – Sale on his and her’s fertility tests! I couldn’t resist. I thought it was time Shmerson got his bodily fluids analyzed for a change. You know, just for the fun of it. Plus – it was half price! And then, two more pop-ups! Pre-seed and FRER HPT’s! It’s an infertile discount bonanza! I’ve never had the pleasure of peeing on a FRER , since they don’t sell them over here (did I mention they were on sale?)! I figure if I end up getting knocked up before this stuff ships, I can always do a giveaway. So don’t judge me, ok? Seriously, don’t. Ok, judge me a little. But keep in mind, if I do get knocked up and do a giveaway, judging me will seriously hurt your chances. Ok. Not really. Fine. Judge me.
  • I have gained weight in the last month. Not much, but enough so that my jeans are incredibly uncomfortable (the not-completely-healed-yet incisions from my lap have exacerbated the situation). So I’ve started to buy summer dresses. They are awesome (I like a nice breeze ’round my privates, thankyouverymuch). But I have to admit, I find myself looking at my profile in the mirror and imagining my stomach sticking out with a nice round bump under these dresses, and think to myself: “If I get knocked up it’s one less maternity item to buy! The bump would fit in here nicely!”. That’s not wrong at all. Right? Right?!?!
  • Looks like things are moving forward with the apartment. If all goes well (knock on wood) we’ll be ready to do a bit of remodeling on the new place within a month, and hopefully move in sometime in mid-late October. My mom’s an interior designer (lucky me, right?) and we’ve been starting to get price quotes and making plans. It’s really exciting. The thing is, every time I walk into this place I hear my future kids running around the empty rooms. It makes me incredibly happy, but also incredibly sad sometimes. I’m hoping the happy wins out when we move in.
  • I was totally honored that Mel put my post about sex on this week’s blog round up. The comments on the post, and the emails I’ve been getting as a result gave me an idea, and I want to know what you think about it: I’m thinking of starting something on the blog called “Group Therapy Thursdays”. It would go something like this: You guys send me questions about stuff that’s bugging you. Your sex life, relationships, IF issues, whatever. I post your questions here (anonymously of course), give my take on them, and then open them up for discussion in the comments. I think that despite the relative anonymity of the blogosphere, a lot of us still have “real-life” friends that read our blogs, or our husbands, or whatever, so we may sometimes feel restrained in what we write about and open up for discussion. This became very clear to me because of the responses to last week’s post.  This will give people a chance to discuss this stuff anonymously, and really delve into the taboos of our situations. Also – not every one of you guys is a blogger, so this would give you an opportunity to get some support and advice without having your own platform, and while remaining anonymous. Sort of like a “Dear Abby”, only with an emphasis on community feedback and discussion. So what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know in the comments (yes Marie, this is totally a result of my recent addiction to the Savage Lovecast)!
So that’s it for today. My baby-crazies taking on the form of shopping sprees, facebook bitterness, and a crazy idea that I kind of like. What do you guys think? Judge me Let me know in the comments!
PS – I’m tempted to post a bunny. I won’t. But I’m tempted. Just sayin’.
PPS – Apparently, this is my 250th post! W00t w00t!
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