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Drawing a Line

16 Feb

Well, apparently I’m back to posting again, because I keep on feeling compelled to, so there ya go.

Please forgive me in advance if my commenting is still lacking for the next short while.

So here’s what you’ve missed:

Two weeks ago we went in for a check up to see how my cervix was doing and we got a peek at Shmaby. My cervix was still going strong at 3cm, and Shmaby was measuring right on target, but seeing as this is me, things can’t just be fine and dandy.

The Russian noticed that I had excess amniotic fluid. This basically means one of three things:

  1. Nothing.
  2. Gestational Diabetes
  3. Something’s wrong with Shmaby

The Russian decided to take a “wait and see” approach. In Israel, you basically have two “level II” scans. One at around 16 weeks, and the second sometime between 22 and 23 weeks. So he just said we’ll see what the scan brings. My glucose test thingy will be happening when I’m 24 weeks.

So basically, for the last two weeks I’ve been terrified that something is wrong with the little one (of course). GD is not something I’m too worried about. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have it (after all, so far I’ve had practically every other complication under the sun), and I know it’s pretty manageable. Sure, it would be no fun. But nothing much about this pregnancy has been fun so far. I’ll manage.

But there’s still a bit of a chance that something was missed or was too small to show up at our 16 week scan. Yes, it’s only a small chance. But it’s there. And I’m terrified.

That’s why I’ve been waiting with bated breath until next Wed. That’s when I’ll know with at least some assurance whether Shmaby is Ok. And until then, well, catatonic zombie mode pretty much continues.

Going into our first major scan, I admit, I was starting to feel optimistic. I came into the Russian’s office with a long list of questions, but mostly mundane “what can I do about my horrible heartburn” type-stuff. Nothing serious. I was looking forward to seeing Shmaby, finding out the sex, etc. etc.

Of course, all of those questions went right out the window with the IC diagnosis, the cerclage, and the bed rest.

Going into next Wed. I once again have a laundry list of questions. About choosing our hospital, whether I can consider taking pre-natal yoga with the cerclage, that kind of thing.

And of course, I know that at the end of this scan, either I will finally get to ask my questions, or Shmerson and I will once again be thrown into a brand new spiral of worry.

I’m 22 weeks tomorrow, and we’ve done nothing to prepare for the fact that a baby is most likely entering our home in a few months. Not even a single onesie has been bought. I haven’t started looking into birthing classes. I haven’t toured any of our area hospitals. I haven’t even set foot in a baby store. Or even a maternity store  (and I need one pretty badly, I’m stretching my bras down to the thread).

I can’t do it any of it yet. I just can’t. Not until we get some concrete answers about Shmaby.

Eventually I know I have to draw a line and get going on these things. I’ve spent two years preoccupied with getting and staying pregnant. I haven’t spent even a single minute figuring out how to change a diaper or breast feed. These are things I need to learn how to do, and if all goes well, I don’t have much time to study up.

I thought the line would be 24 weeks – viability. But after our last appointment I now know the true line is 22 and half weeks. Because that’s when we’ll know if he’s ok.

That’s when I’ll either finally pull out my list of questions or have a whole new set of them pop up within minutes of the scan (along with a whole lot of heartache).

And then –  if all goes well –  maybe I’ll buy some maternity bras and a couple of new pairs of undies. Spaghetti Monster knows I need them. Maybe I’ll even consider buying the little guy his first onesie and ordering some stuff for the nursery.

But first I need to know he’s Ok.

10 Things I Learned While Staying Overnight at the Hospital

11 Jan
  1. While lately at home my brain has tormented me at night with crazy post-apocalyptic and dystopian dreams, it knows when to give me a break, and at the hospital only brought me mundane dreams of winter wear and people parking crookedly.
  2. Always bring your own white toilet paper. The hospital is environmentally friendly and uses the recycled brownish type. This is no good for a paranoid RPLer, and does not allow proper examination of the exact tinge of anything that comes out of my cootch.
  3. Apparently, I know more about U/S machines than most residents, considering I had to show my intake doc how to use one after she fumbled around for a good 15 minutes.
  4. They don’t give preggos those fun pre-anesthesia happy pills. Darn it.
  5. NEVER go in for surgery constipated. It will make your bowel movements a topic of conversation for far longer than you would like.
  6. It seems hospital food is specifically tailored to be the most unappetizing thing in the world. Even after 16 hours with no food, I opted out of the hospital lunch.
  7. The universe apparently has a sense of humor. 2 hours after being ordered to another week of strict bed rest, I got a call from that high school offering me the teaching job. Ha ha.
  8. The Russian also apparently has a sense of humor. At the U/S before my discharge (he thankfully knew how to work the machine) I asked him what my chances are now of carrying to term. He answered: “Ask me when you’re 38 weeks”
  9. I apparently do not have a sense of humor when I’m smelly, desperate to go home, and on about 4 hours sleep.
  10. A cerclage isn’t really so painful. After about 4 hours and a few pain meds, I was fine and dandy.

So yes, here I am, doing ok. Going a bit stir crazy though. I’m on bed rest until next week, then I can go back to semi-normal, and just take it easy. Oh- and now I’m considered a high-risk pregnancy. Fun times. I really need to find myself a hobby.

Hey, Other Shoe – Did You Really Have to Drop? Stupid Shoe.

4 Jan

Ok we’ll start with the good news.

It’s a perfectly healthy baby BOY. Yep – it’s a boy. And he’s just fine. I was ecstatic to see that teenie weenie. Guesses be damned.

My cervix on the other hand – is not ok.

During the U/S the Russian noticed that my cervix was shortened and funneled.

In other words – I have an incompetent cervix.

Of all the pregnancy complications I seriously didn’t think this would be the one I would be contending with, and it sucks.

So – the Russian wishes we would have caught it sooner, but there’s nothing to be done about that. For right now it looks like on Monday (at 16 weeks 3 days) I’m going in for surgery to have a cerclage put in (that’s basically a stitch that’s supposed to keep my cervix closed). According to the Russian, if put in up until 14 weeks, there’s a 90% chance of carrying to term. But we’re a little bit late to the party so he’s putting my chances to less than that, he guessed around the 85% mark. Until monday I’m on strict bed rest (again).

When the Russian first pointed out the problem I was actually quite calm. I only really started freaking out after having to call people who were eagerly awaiting to find out Shmaby’s sex and tell them that it’s a boy, and I have to go into surgery to keep him in as long as possible.

I’ve done my freaking out and crying for the day. Now I need some freaking reassurance. Pile on the success stories please. I need them.

Dude, when I said the other day that us ALI ladies tend to always fall on the bad side of the stats, apparently, I wasn’t kidding. Sheesh. Let’s just hope this is truly the only other shoe and I’m done being on the bad side of the stats. I’m kind of overdue for that, right?

Here’s hoping.

Hang in there Shmaby boy.

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