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The Big Reveal

12 Jan

So Shmerson and I have decided to announce the pregnancy on Facebook.

Here’s a list of reasons why (I love lists!):

  1. This pregnancy has been filled with nothing but worry and drama. Shmerson and I both feel the need to do at least one “normal” thing and actually get to celebrate this a little.
  2. Looking at it from the other side, though I hated finding out about pregnancies through Facebook, I preferred to get the info as an official announcement, and not as a series of indecipherable comments on a person’s wall or getting slapped in the face by a baby bump photo. Shmerson and I will be attending several weddings in the next few months, so it will be inevitable that I get tagged with a bump. I’d rather reveal on my terms.
  3. I think that if I share the news sensitively enough, it may not hurt the closet IFers on my friends list.

So that’s the kicker. I need to find a kind way to say it, without an overshare (because really, my grad school screenwriting professor doesn’t need to know about my three miscarriages), but with a hint toward our struggle so that any closet IFer would understand.

I admit, I’ve been thinking about this for months, and of course, dear readers, I need your help! Here are the status update options I’ve come up with:

(yay! Another list!)

  1. It’s been a bumpy two year ride to get here, but I am happy and grateful to announce that we are expecting a baby boy this June. There’s a rocky road still ahead, so please keep us in your thoughts while we fight to make it there safely!
  2. I am grateful and humbled to announce that after a lot of heartache, we are expecting a baby boy to make his arrival in June of this year. My thoughts are with all of the couples still struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss, and I hope all of your wishes come true soon.
  3. This is the humorous approach: I embed “pregnant women are smug” and write: I promise, I’m not like that. Grateful for the upcoming arrival of our baby boy, due this June.

I know the first two are ultra-sensitive, but they still somewhat feel like TMI. But maybe I’m wrong? Is the third option good? Should I just scrap it all and write in all caps (as has been suggested here several times in the comments, originate by MissOhkay) “I’M KNOCKED UP! SEE YA LATER, BARREN BITCHES!” or something? Do you have any better ideas? I’m sure you do, so lay them on me.


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