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The Whole Pinterest Thing

17 Jun

So first off, an update on my last post. Thanks to everyone who commented. You managed to talk me down somewhat, and then my doula brought me down the rest of the way. I can’t really say hope has been restored, but at least I’m no longer an anxious mess, so that’s progress.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I started using Pinterest. A few of you (understandably so) were pretty surprised, because anyone who knows me a little bit will know that it doesn’t really feel like something I would do (which is a fair point). I figured it was time to explain my adventures in pinning.

I never ever had any interest in Pinterest (look at that! Rhyming!). Then at 13 weeks we found out that B5 was a girl, and I had a short-lived surge of optimistic excitement (it lasted a whole weekend) and decided to start looking at nursery decor involving purple things and butterflies and faeries (bunnies in purple are in short supply).

That was when I realized why Pinterest existed. I understood that really, it’s just a fancy way of collecting bookmarks, and it was perfect for what I needed. So I went ahead and joined.

I’ve been using it mostly to collect recipes since then, and sometimes adding a pin onto B5’s board. But honestly? After being on it for close to 3 months, there are some things about it that I just don’t get.

I don’t understand people who pin celebrity pics. Seriously – why the heck do you need to pin that picture of January Jones? I get you like her, but just type in her name on google images if you want to look at a picture. The logic of that is lost on me.

Same for those inspirational quote jpgs. I get enough of that on facebook. Putting them on Pinterest doesn’t make them any less annoying.

Another category that’s lost on me? Boards that are “things that remind me of spring” and things like that. Why pin a random image of a flower? In what way is that even remotely useful?

I really don’t understand why anyone needs to pin anything but recipes, DIY and decor inspiration. Maybe a nice vacation board with places you’ve recently heard of and  you’d like to visit one day. Or a collection of blog posts you may want to revisit. Beyond that is I guess above my pay grade, because I just. Don’t. Get it.

Mostly the pinning of random images of celebrities though. Somebody please explain that to me. I find it really weird and kind of creepy.

I know some of you will argue that it’s about sharing this stuff with other people as well, but I simply can’t grasp that place as a true social network. It’s great when its USEFUL information. But I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would pin a random picture of a pelican on a beach with no clear purpose.

On another note, I am actually one of those people that has tried cooking some of the recipes I’ve found there. Hit and miss. Mostly miss – especially the GD recipes, which have been a disaster and usually taste like bland sugarless mounds of poo. Seriously – I had a friend try some GD-friendly cookies I tried to bake, and he actually spit it out in the garbage it was so bad. But it did make me laugh my ass off at the pathetic state of my sugar-deprived cooking life. Because usually everything I cook is at least functionally yummy. Self-mockery is apparently the upside when you bake things that taste icky.

But I do have a new recipe for carb-free eggplant parm that is fabulous, courtesy of a recipe board I follow. And there are several cake recipes waiting for me once this whole GD mess is over with.

So that’s about it. What do you guys think of Pinterest?

PS – if any of you are remotely interested, here’s B5’s board. It’s very purple.

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