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What I Really Want

3 Sep

I want to keep my cool during labor, and not be overwhelmed by anxiety.

I want to labor naturally until I’m about 5cm dilated, then get an epidural. And I want that epidural to work perfectly. Because the pain from pushing and crowning scares the eff out of me.

I want to try to be calm enough so that I won’t feel the need to constantly be hooked up to a fetal monitor until it’s absolutely necessary.

I want a simple labor, with no complications.

I want her to come out easily, without doing too much damage to me, and without doing any to herself.

I want her to be here already. Alive. Screaming. Crying. Doing what babies do.

In my arms.

I’m being admitted for induction as we speak. Wish me luck.

I’ll see you guys on the flip side.

Bullets and Bunnies – Eviction Notice Edition

30 Aug
  • So yesterday was my last ever appointment at the high-risk OB’s. There was hugging of nurses and a bit of crying. A lot of mixed emotions. After all, I’ve spent a lot of time there over the last six months, and they’ve helped me keep B5 safe all this time… B5 passed her NST with flying colors and all else is looking good. She’s also sitting REALLY low, which I suppose is a good thing (though my bladder protests). I asked the doc to check whether I was dilated, and he flat-out refused, saying it would only drive me crazy to know either way, and I’m better off just waiting for labor to start. He has a good point.
  • I got that pedicure. I’ve also shaved my legs (THAT was a challenge). My bottom half is officially presentable. My top half is still grumpy and impatient. As for my middle – Poopik is still not amused.
  • My cousin is a nurse midwife, and I messaged her a couple of days ago because I seriously felt like my head was going to explode. I wanted to come into the high-risk OB and beg for an induction. Shmerson and I were literally trying EVERYTHING. I had 4 acupuncture sessions in as many days. We ate spicy food. We took walks. It was nuts. So my cousin called me and she managed to talk me down. She reminded me that it was my choice to keep going here. If I wanted to, I could always ask for an elective C-section and avoid this whole thing. She reminded me that the final goal is a healthy B5 and a healthy me. Everything else is gravy. And she totally talked me out of begging for that induction. She did say this: “Whatever the doctors say, you listen. Nobody gives out medals for how you give birth. They have your best interest at heart, so don’t argue.” She’s a natural birth person all the way, so coming from her this is significant advice. I’m taking it. She did try to talk me out of an epidural though. Not sure if it worked. I’m still in wait and see mode on that, and pretty convinced that when the time comes, I’m going to want the drugs.  Still, she managed to talk me off the ledge in general. I’m still going nuts, but I am no longer yelling at inanimate objects (yeah, um, I was doing that), and the crying fits have cut down from about 6 a day to about 3 a day. Progress.
  • On that note, aside from taking walks and some mega-awkward preggo sex, Shmerson and I have declared an end to wives tale induction methods. All it did was frustrate me even more. So we’re done.
  •  Let’s talk some dates, shall we? I’ve been told to show up at L&D on Tuesday (40 weeks exactly) for an assessment. General consensus (at least according to the high risk nurse, the OB, and my cousin) is that the hospital OBs will decide to induce that day because of the GD. There are two caveats to this: The first – Wednesday is Rosh Hashanah eve, so they may want me to wait until after the holiday, and the second – B5 seems awfully happy in there. They may deem it too soon despite my GD because she seems to be thriving. Hospitals here are pretty different from the ones in the States in that they avoid medical intervention whenever possible, so you really never know. With normal pregnancies induction talk only really starts around 41 weeks, and even then not always. Then again, GD is still a factor. Either way, I will be going in on Tuesday with the hospital bag in the trunk, in case it’s eviction notice time and we’re coming in for the long haul.
  • Some more about dates: Her due date is September 3rd. Shmerson’s birthday is September 2nd. My nephew’s birthday is August 31st, and a four day Rosh Hashanah Holiday kicks in on September 4th (meaning hospital staff will be smaller, and everything there will be generally slower and suckier, plus – the bassinet rental place will be closed so she will have nowhere to sleep if we get discharged in the middle of the holiday). I don’t want her to share a birthday with my nephew – that would kind of suck for both of them. I also think it would be silly if she shares a birthday with Shmerson. I want her to have her own day. So I’ve been trying to convince her to come out today. But as usual, it seems she’s on her own schedule.  I’ve begun negotiations on a September 1st birthday as well, though that still smacks of the first day of school to me (even though these days school starts earlier, you never know, and having a birthday on the first day of school SUCKS). She’ll probably end up showing up smack dab in the middle of the holiday, just to make sure we know who’s in charge. We may have to bite the bullet and go rent the bassinet early this week rather than wait until after. I don’t know how I feel about that. A bit freaked I guess. But it may be the best way to go.
  • Seriously! My blood glucose strips ran out yesterday, my vial of insulin also ran out, so I had to buy more. This kid has absolutely no sense of timing. Had she come yesterday she would have totally saved me the trip.
  • Zen epiphany from this morning: I may have issues trusting my body, but B5 is a freaking rock star. Labor is about both of us. And I trust her completely. That’s one less thing to be scared about.
  • Apart from freaking out about things going wrong, the “holy shit I’m going to be a parent” freak outs have started coming too. There’s a good chance that sometime next week I will have a whole new person to take care of. Holy crap that is terrifying.
  • So I’m writing these bullets out, and all of the sudden it hits me that I wrote out like 5 bullets that are really pretty optimistic. Then I’m like – “shit – what if something goes wrong?” Cue the panic attack. Welcome to PTSD guys. It’s a barrel of laughs over here.
  • Despite my continuing freak outs, I did realize that chances are, that this weekend is the last weekend Shmerson and I will have to ourselves in a very very long time. We’ve decided to go out tonight and celebrate his birthday early, relax, watch some movies, and maybe marathon some Dr. Who. I just want us to enjoy each other this weekend. So that’s the plan.
  • I don’t know if I’ll update here before Tuesday. I’m also a bit reticent to do a live play-by-play on here if I do get induced. Do you guys want to know once labor kicks in? Or would you rather just hear afterwards? Keep in mind that if I post about labor, I may not be able to update for quite a while…
  • I leave you with a bunny:



26 Aug

So yeah. Nothing.






Even Braxton Hicks stopped showing up a couple of days ago. The bastard.

39 weeks tomorrow.  And trust me when I tell you I am NOT fun to be around right now.

Guys – I’m going nuts. I know, I know, any day now and all that junk. Thinking that it’s close is NOT HELPING.

Every freaking minute feels like FOREVER right now. I’m so over this. Seriously.

I’m seriously losing my mind. On Friday I had a “feeling” that it would happen on Sunday. So I spent all of Saturday finishing up every trace of work I had. Then it didn’t happen Sunday. And now I’m bored and pissed because it didn’t happen and I don’t have any work to distract me.

So I want to email my boss and tell him to give me a new assignment. But the thought that I will most likely have time to do that assignment depresses me to no end. It’s like if I don’t have any work to do, maybe it will happen today. Of course that’s wrong and stupid.

When we thought I’d be getting the cerclage out on August 20th, I was saying confidently that I had a “feeling” that I’ll be giving birth on the 27th. That’s tomorrow. I just know I’m going to be spending all day tomorrow on the couch crying.

I can’t cook more than just enough for one meal. The prospect of “I’ll be eating this tomorrow” makes me downright despondent. That means I’m giving in to one more day of this endless wait.

I can’t make plans for a day in advance. All I can think about is “Maybe today will finally be the day.” My mom wants to come over on Wednesday and take me out for a pedicure. The thought that I’ll still be stuck on my freaking couch waiting on Wednesday is depressing to no end.

And it’s too freaking hot out to do anything either. So all the “keep yourself busy and distracted” advice is doing nothing but annoying me even more.

It’s the worst limbo ever.

I mean, I’ve had some hard days during this pregnancy. I think these last few days have by far been the hardest. The anticipation and anxiety are killing me.

On Wednesday my acupuncturist came over and did the induction thing. I had cramping for a couple of hours after – then nothing.

He came over again yesterday, and again today – we’re doing the mega-induction treatment now – the one that is 4 sessions. Every day until this Wednesday. It’s not cheap, and I don’t know if it will even work, but I can’t NOT try, if that makes any sense.

Of course Shmerson and I have also been doing everything else possible to get this thing going, from taking walks to awkward mega-pregnant sex.

On Thursday the high-risk OB said he doesn’t see a reason for medical induction at all. I know this is generally good news, but I admit a small part of me was a bit disappointed.

Right now as far as he’s concerned I’m coming in for one last appointment at the clinic this Thursday, then starting at 40 weeks, it’s check-ups at L&D until I either go into labor naturally or they decide it’s time to induce. To quote him – “like any normal pregnant woman”.

I know I should be happy about this on some level, but OMG – the thought of this dragging on to 40 weeks and beyond is enough to make me want to cry. On the other hand, I can’t even fathom asking for a C-Section or an induction. Both of those options are terrible. So I have to wait it out. And wait some more. And some more.

Yesterday Shmerson remarked that it wasn’t too long ago that we were wishing to make it as far as 24 weeks. Now we’re almost 39 weeks. I know I should be grateful. I’m just so sick and tired and anxious.

I just want this behind me already. I want to know what’s next.

I need her here, safe.

Bullets and Bunnies – Sick and Tired Edition

19 Aug
  • 38 weeks tomorrow.  I was seriously hoping she’d be out by now. I know that doesn’t usually happen but I figured with the de-stitching and all, we’d have a good jump start on getting things moving.
  • The fit-ball has been taken out, long walks have been initiated. Other than both of those things making me want to pee ALL THE TIME, no huge difference yet.  Though I do think I MAY have lost my mucus plug yesterday. But that can happen waaay before labor kicks in. Le sigh.
  • My mom is CONVINCED I’m going to give birth on her birthday. That’s this Wednesday. I highly doubt she’s right. Trying not to get my hopes up. It’s not like the woman has psychic powers. For the record, I’ll take Thursday or Friday just as happily. Tuesday would be even better. Just sayin’.
  • My anxiety has been through the roof. I’m no longer counting kicks 3 times a day, I’m counting them ALL DAY. With the exception of the occasional rare distraction, it seems like all I’ve been doing lately is focusing on whether she’s moving enough. This is not a fun place to be.
  • The anxiety isn’t just around counting kicks. It’s around everything. Giving birth, what happens if anything goes wrong, what happens if everything goes right (just as scary to me for some reason). How I’ll react to certain triggers, whether I’ll be able to keep my cool. It’s just everything. I’m a hormonal mess. By the time Shmerson comes home each night he usually finds me sitting on the couch crying. Good times all around.
  • When Shmerson goes to bed, he usually kisses my stomach and says “good night”. The last couple of days he’s been kissing it and saying “get out”. Hear hear!
  • I think the best way to describe my overall mood at this point is just sick and tired. Sick and tired of the same daily routine. Sick and tired of eating the same effing thing every day. Sick and tired of work. Sick and tired of running over every possible scenario in my head over and over again. Sick and tired of the anxiety. Sick and tired of “what if”.
  • I happened to see the Russian while waiting for my high-risk OB appointment last week.  I told him that he did too good a job with my cerclage. He laughed and said “at this rate, you’ll go to 42 weeks”. Not funny Russian. NOT FUNNY.
  • I can haz labor now?
  • No, seriously. Poopik is not amused.
  • At least you can haz a bunny:


You Don’t Get It

13 Aug

You don’t get that I can’t “insist on what’s important to me” during childbirth because I am at the mercy of gestational diabetes, and so even if I want things like delayed cord clamping, I may not get to have them if my baby’s health is at risk.

You don’t get that it’s not about “control over my feelings” because I have had a traumatic experience, and with trauma comes the complete and utter LACK OF CONTROL.

You don’t get that I don’t have anxiety. I have the COMPLETE AND UTTER TERROR that happens when you have gone through what I have been through.

You don’t get that with all of my petty worries, the fact is that I’m still not convinced I am getting an actual baby out of this whole ordeal, and not more heartache. Because all I have had is heartache, so I cannot envision something else.

You don’t get that things like cloth diapering, baby wearing, and exclusively breastfeeding are a blip on my radar compared with just WANTING A HEALTHY, LIVING BABY.

You don’t get that I could give two shits about “controlling my birth experience” and “avoiding induction” and “cascading interventions.” I just need my baby here. I don’t care what it takes to get her here.

You don’t get that as much as I appreciate your concern, your assvice is yet another reminder of all of the things I could have had if I had been blissfully ignorant and complication free. So all it does is isolate me even more.

I am not a normal pregnant woman. Just because you pushed a baby out of your lady bits with relative ease does not make you an authority on what I need or don’t need. Just because you had a couple of complications does not make you understand what I’ve been through. I am not a normal pregnant woman. I will never be. Because I know  – I mean I REALLY KNOW BECAUSE I’VE LIVED IT –  I know that things go wrong and life is a fragile miracle that is more elusive than most people can even grasp.

You don’t know what it feels like to have to count kicks at least three times a day just to reassure yourself that your baby is fine.

You don’t know what it feels like to have flashbacks of the day that your baby died. And I truly hope for you that you never will know that feeling.

You don’t know what it feels like to not only have the “normal” fears that come with childbirth, but also the fear that comes with having lost so much before.

So don’t assume. Don’t even try. I know you mean well, but all I see is what you’re really thinking: “Thank goodness this isn’t me.” And “I feel so sorry for her.”

I don’t need your pity. And I certainly, CERTAINLY don’t need your assvice.

A Stitchy Saga

12 Aug

Dear Amanda Bynes, 

I believe I just found out what it feels like to have someone “murder my vag.ina”. I wanted let you know that contrary to what you may think, this was not fun. In fact, it hurt like a mofo. It actually still does. And no, I don’t think it would have hurt any less if Drake had been the one doing the murdering.  Just thought I’d give you a head’s up. 



So I’ve been through an —- interesting —- 48 hours to say the least.

Let’s recap, shall we?

We arrived at L&D yesterday morning to get the cerclage removed. I was nervous, but mostly because of the small chance that cerclage removal  can cause labor.

Here’s what I thought was going to happen: We arrive, I get an NST, I go in to see a doc. The doc inserts a speculum, it hurts. The doc grabs the cerclage and removes it. It hurts a bit more. I have another NST, and go home.

That’s what everybody told me was going to happen. It never even occurred to me that it would go any differently. Which is weird, considering I’m so good at coming up with worst-case scenarios.

Here’s what actually happened:

B5 passes the NST with flying colors. We wait a while and the doc calls me in. Shmerson comes in with me. The doc inserts a speculum. It hurts like hell.

Then he tells me he can’t reach the stitch. No big deal, he says. We’ll just get a bigger speculum.

A bigger speculum arrives. The doc inserts it. It hurts like hell. He still can’t reach the stitch. Apparently, the Russian did too good a job. The thing is just too high up.

That’s when things get messy. Tools are tried. Another doctor is called in. Things are stretched and pulled. I writhe in pain (keep in mind this is all being done without any pain relief, because this is supposed to be a 2-minute simple procedure). At one point I have 2 doctors and one resident with some sort of tool/hand up in my lady bits.

Finally, after 45 minutes (!) they give up. There’s only one option: I come in the next day, go under general anesthesia, and have it removed that way.

So home we go. Needless to say I was freaking out. Granted, I’m used to general anesthesia by now, but for some reason the thought of it when I’m this far along just was not sitting well. Plus – I was terrified that all of the “stuff” they did down there would bring on labor and I would have to go in for a C-section because the freaking cerclage was still in there.

So I spent the whole day in bed, drinking lots of cold water. I did have a few contractions through the day, but they were not regular.

This morning we headed back to the hospital. They had an emergency section right as we got there which lead to a delay with all the day’s surgeries. I ended up waiting in a surgical gown for 3 hours with nothing to do except freak out. All while starving and parched since I wasn’t allowed anything since midnight. That was fun.

So then the surgeon comes in and tells me he would like to try again without anesthesia. I go along, because obviously – who wants general anesthesia? We go into a procedure room and the torture session begins.*

I won’t go into detail, but basically the surgeon manages to remove two pieces of the cerclage (after about half an hour of painful messing around up in my bits). But there is still one piece left. There is more digging. To say it hurts is the understatement of the century.

Finally, it’s decided to pull out the big guns. We’ll go into surgery, he’ll try one more thing with a fancy surgical tool, and if that doesn’t work, it’s general anesthesia for me.

So another room. Another 15 minutes of pain, pushing, and prodding. Finally, the doctor gives up and calls in the anesthesiologist. At this point I’m no longer nervous about going under. I’m relieved.

So ten minutes later I’m in recovery and that effing stitch is finally gone. They send me for an NST and B5 is fine.

Now I’m home, and everything is ok. Except of course that my vagi.na has been murdered. It hurts to sit. It hurts to pee. There is bleeding and bruising which hurts. It just all freaking hurts.

I guess this is good preparation for the damage that will be done during childbirth, right?

The one upside, is that now I’m a bit less eager for labor to start. My junk needs a while to recover before I try pushing a human out of it.

All in all, good times. And yet another reminder that I have no control. Over anything.

* Just to clarify: I’m not upset with the doctors at all. I know they had my best interest at heart with trying to avoid general anesthesia. 

Bullets and Bunnies: Stitchy Edition

8 Aug
  • We had a check up with the high-risk OB today (36 weeks, 2 days). B5’s tummy is measuring about 10 days behind but her head is right on track. The doc didn’t seem concerned about it, so I’m not going to be either. She’s gained about 300 grams in two weeks, and is now estimated at around 2.5 kg. That’s about 5.5 pounds for you Americans. She also passed her NST with flying colors.
  • I got the official referral to Labor & Delivery to get the cerclage out, and that’s happening this Sunday or Monday. Yipes! There’s only about a 5% chance that removal of it will cause labor, but I’m packing the hospital bag this weekend just in case. I’m also trying not to get my hopes up. It’s still a little early, and she’ll come out when she’s good and ready. So they say. So I keep trying to tell myself.
  • B5 is getting crowded in there.  A couple of days ago she pulled some ninja moves that hurt like a mofo. I told her sternly that I’m very happy that she’s so active, but would she please just come out already so I can see the ninja moves rather than feel them?
  • I seriously need this baby out already. I know we’re still kind of at the point where she’s most likely to do better inside then out, but the anxiety is killing me. I’m constantly obsessing, fretting, and worrying about what’s to come. I need her to be here, and be ok.  I’m practically full term, that should be enough. I need to see her, living and breathing in front of me.
  • Just so you understand how deep the crazy goes: The doc gives me the L&D referral to get the cerclage out. He says I could go anytime between now and whenever, really (which is actually encouraging and I guess means he’s fairly confident that she’s fully cooked).  You don’t need to make an appointment for a cerclage removal here, you just go into L&D in the morning with a referral and they get ‘er done. So I talked it over with Shmerson and we decided Sunday or Monday, depending on what’s going on with his work. Then I looked at the referral again and noticed the words “good for 24 hours” on it  (it’s an automatic thing with L&D referrals). And the referral has today’s date. So I go back into the doc’s office and point this out. He crosses out today’s date, puts in Sunday’s, and signs the paper where he changed it.  I leave the clinic, and then spend the next HOUR AND A HALF literally obsessed with worry that L&D won’t admit me because of a bad referral. I mean what if I come in and they don’t approve of the handwritten change? What if that’s ok, but we come in Monday and the referral is dated Sunday? Will they count that as 24 hours or will the date change screw it up? I finally CALL the hospital, describe the referral in detail, tell them when I’m thinking of coming in, and check whether they will accept it. Of course they said they would. I spent an hour and a half worried sick about it. Honestly, I’m still a little worried about it. Even though I’ve been told explicitly that it’s ok. Moral of the story: I literally cannot fathom things actually going right. They have gone wrong for so long that it’s much easier for me to just think that they will continue to go wrong. Even when I am told “this isn’t a problem”, I’m still afraid it will be a problem. This is not a good way to live through these next couple of weeks. My head is not a fun place to be, I assure you.
  • My belly button is in danger of becoming an outie. It’s getting very squished at this point. So Shmerson and I have given it a voice with which we dub it often, and decided that it is the perfect way to channel my feelings. An emoji emoticon has been chosen to properly represent the belly button’s constant sense of disdain toward the world. The Hebrew word for belly button is “poopik”. I have been texting  Shmerson regular updates during the day on Poopik’s emotional state.  “Poopik is worried”, “Poopik is bored”, and so forth. Today, Poopik has fluctuated between freaking out and proclaiming that “Poopik is not amused.” Which of course, it never is. It’s part of what makes Poopik Poopik.
  • That last paragraph made me realize just how far gone I really am. Poopik concurs, in case you were curious.
  • Ok, so a few of you guys have requested a bump pic. Since I’m fairly huge, I thought it was time I gave in and actually had Shmerson take a couple, as much as I hate getting my picture taken.  And posting a bump pic is still on my “stuff that freaks me out” list. But with the exception of this, I have not had one picture taken of myself this pregnancy, so I figured I should at least have a few, right? So here ya go (and yes I am wearing the same shirt as before since it’s practically the only one that fits at this point. Also, note the “I hate having my picture taken” faces I pull. Epic.):

bump1 bump2

  • I leave you all with bunnies and a promise to update once the stitch is removed. Poopik has spoken. Poopik out!


The Not-Quite Emergency

30 Jul

Let me start by saying everything is fine.  Now on to the story:

B5 has had a relatively consistent movement pattern. Today she decided that patterns are for losers.

I’m used to a nice barrage of kicks in the morning. Today, she barely poked me once when I woke up. Her movement is relatively consistent throughout the day. Today she was quiet.

At first I wasn’t too concerned. I still felt an occasional jab though they were few and far between. But by the afternoon I was anxious to the point of distraction. I wasn’t getting any work done. I was staring at the computer screen, not able to concentrate on anything, while at the same time just trying to will B5 to give me a nice big movement like she usually does.

But nothing. It’s not that she wasn’t moving at all – but what I felt was TINY. Comparable to week 16. Not 35 weeks by a long shot. It was like she was barely there.

I did some kick counts and again, she squeaked by. I knew logically that it was enough but it was simply NOT LIKE HER.  By 4pm I whipped out the doppler – something I hadn’t felt the need to do in weeks and weeks. It took me 15 minutes to find her heartbeat, and even then it was only for a few seconds.

By that point I was hysterical.

On one hand, I knew that logically everything is supposedly fine. But having been through worst-case-scenarios before all I could think about was the what-ifs.

Whether something was wrong or not, my PTSD was in full force and I was terrified. I called my health service’s nurse hotline and was very honest about feeling movement, but just LESS.

Because I was high risk, she told me to go to L&D, just in case.

My mom came over to pick me up and Shmerson left work early to meet us there.

Of course the moment I was put on the monitor B5 decided it was time to practice some dance moves. Something I had been longing for all day. I calmed down a bit but was still not convinced that everything was fine.

BTW – it took the nurse a moment or two to get a good hold of B5’s heartbeat as well. Seems like she’s just in an awkward position.

U/S showed a “perfect” rear placenta, fluid levels normal, and a perfectly healthy B5.

The doctor was very sweet and reassuring. I guess with my history, no one really judges me if I freak out once in a while.

Honestly I don’t regret going to get checked out. Even with the SLIGHTEST chance that something is off,  I know too much about what can go wrong. I’m not taking any chances.

But I think in this home stretch things are really starting to take a toll on my psyche. Between switching meds, being stuck at home all day in the sweltering heat, and my building anxiety over what’s to come I guess I was destined for a meltdown.

T-minus two weeks until the cerclage comes out (as of now we’re back to removal at 37 weeks). Let’s hope I manage to keep my sanity – at least as much of it as I have left.

PS- THANK YOU ALL for your sweet comments on my last post. They made me feel a helluva lot better, and a lot less alone. You guys are the best.

The Truth Is

28 Jul

Let’s put aside my trauma. Let’s put aside my losses. Let’s put aside my PTSD.  I talk about that enough. It’s time to come clean about another side of it.

The truth is I’m not just scared of things going wrong.

I’m also scared of things going right.

Before loss. Before trying. Before getting married. Before any of this. I was scared of childbirth. Terrified of it. Not the labor pains. The pushing. The pushing of something so big out of something so small. It scared the bejeezus out of me.  That fear has come back with a vengeance.

I’ve been through labor before but Nadav was so small. B5 isn’t term yet and she’s already so big. How in the hell am I going to get her out? That freaking terrifies me.

No matter how many stories I read. How much I educate myself. Thinking about it brings on panic.

And parenting. Holy fuck you guys I’m terrified of that. I’ve spent so long just concentrating on keeping a pregnancy I never actually fathomed that there would be a real live PERSON at the end of this. Who I have to feed and clothe and educate and parent. Me. What the fuck do I know?

Everybody says I’ll be an amazing mom. I still feel 14 years old on the inside. How the fuck do I parent?

Not to mention that I haven’t been able to bring myself to pick up even one freaking newborn parenting book. I just can’t do it. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Everyone says there’s this magical moment where everything clicks into place and you suddenly feel like a parent.

I’d like to be after that magical moment please because I seriously think that if I manage to survive this, and I get a real, healthy, live baby out of all of this, my head will explode. I seriously think I will lose it because I’m having such a hard time truly imagining that this possibility is real. I still can’t fathom it. Pregnancy for me doesn’t lead to babies. It leads to hurt. If this actually leads to a baby I seriously think I will lose my mind because of my inability to wrap my head around it. And it looks like this may actually lead to a baby. That I have to push out. And then raise. Holy fuck. Just writing that is freaking me out.

Not to mention that I want to be after that whole part where I’m so stretched out and in pain I’m afraid my insides will fall out of me.

Seriously, I find that scary as fuck.

This is freaking terrifying. For reals.

And the waiting around for whatever outcome is just making life a laugh riot right now. I’ve been surviving this pregnancy through a nice combo of emotional detachment and distraction. But now B5 is so present. Things are starting to get really real. Holy crap.

Aren’t I just the picture of stability you guys? Good times.

One of Those Days

23 Jul

Well it would be dishonest if all I did here was just post about birth non-plans and shopping.

Because the truth is that day-to-day things sometimes really blow.

Today sucked. It’s not that anything specific happened. It was just one of those days, that have been getting more frequent lately where I just plain lost it.

I didn’t sleep properly, and I spent the entire day on edge.

Shmerson stayed home from work because he wasn’t feeling well, and instead of just taking care of him, there were bursts of taking care of him mixed with taking out my frustrations on him. Poor guy. And he wasn’t the only victim. Everyone I talked to today felt my wrath. I was short and unkind and I feel like shit about it, but I just couldn’t help it.

It’s as if I had a finite amount of patience, and that patience has run out.

I’m terrified that things may still go wrong, and yet I am SICK AND TIRED of being scared, even though I can’t stop it.

I’m worried all the time, and I’m SICK AND TIRED of being worried.

Plus – I would give anything right now for a slice of double cheese pizza followed by a hunk of chocolate cake.

I know I need to stick to the GD diet for the good of B5, but I am SICK AND TIRED of this stupid diet and eating the same freaking thing every day. I just want some freaking carbs. Like – real ones.

Days have just been dragging by at a snail’s pace. I feel like I want to DO things but I can’t without Shmerson here, and he’s only really free to do stuff on the weekends. So I spend all week just feeling stagnant. Like NOTHING is moving.

The only time I feel any sort of progress is on weekends when we actually get things ready for B5, and that doesn’t happen every weekend. And it’s like doing these little things makes the good stuff feel more real. But most of what I do is not getting ready. It’s just sitting around. Waiting, working, eating stupid diabetes-friendly food. Waiting some more.

Yesterday was the Jewish version of Valentine’s day. Shmerson jokingly tweeted: “On this day, what do you get the wife who’s not allowed anything?”

I LOLed. It’s funny because it’s true. And it’s also kind of sad for the same reason.

I am SICK AND TIRED of this. I know we’re in the home stretch, but each day feels like a month.

So today at around 6pm I had a mini meltdown and couldn’t stop crying for an hour. Poor Shmerson. I think he doesn’t quite know what to do with me any more. All he can do is tell me how little time there is left. But right now, for me, it seems like FOREVER.

Come what may – I want to be past this.

Truth be told – I want to see this little girl already, safe and sound and screaming her lungs out. Because I’m sick of seeing all the other possible outcomes and being terrified. I’m sick of the flashbacks. I’m sick of the worry. I’m sick of the uncertainty. I just want to KNOW already.


I know there are only probably 4-6 weeks to go. I know that relative to “time served” that is nothing.

But right now it feels like everything.

The Plan

23 Jul

Ok – so first of all, some updates after my previous post. I got some amazing feedback and advice, and I’ve made a few decisions. All of which I’ll talk about in a post probably later this week. But I really wanted to thank everyone who commented and emailed – you were a huge help in putting things in proportion and putting together a plan.

So… I’m 34 weeks. Which is totally crazy, right? I never EVER thought we’d make it this far. Granted, I’m still terrified (in fact I had a whole freaking out episode today which was fun), but holy crap you guys – 34 weeks.

My high-risk OB told me last week that he wants the cerclage out at 38 weeks. That’s in FOUR WEEKS. I think he suspects that removing it will jump start labor so he doesn’t want it out sooner. So I could be in labor in FOUR WEEKS. Some days it feels like that is FOREVER from now, but other days that’s like, really soon.

With that in mind, it’s time to make a plan and make some decisions, and I thought I’d share some of that with you guys.

A small disclaimer here – this is not a “birth plan” per se, but I know women can get kind of bitchy touchy around birth plan talk, so let me just say that my opinions are what’s right FOR ME. Whatever you think is good for you – knock yourself out, I’m not one to judge. So don’t judge me either. Ok? Ok. So here we go.

We’ve kinda-sorta chosen a hospital. There are 3 in my city, and we toured all of them. I was hoping to come out with a clear-cut “feeling” about one of them, but that didn’t end up happening. Each of the hospitals has upsides and downsides. In the end, we went with logic and the process of elimination: of the three, there is only one hospital in which I HAVEN’T had a loss. Since I don’t know what my mental state will be during labor, it’s best to keep me away from triggers. So we chose the one “loss free” hospital, even though it’s far from perfect. Plus – it’s closest to our home and our doula knows it really well, so that will help.

Now for the birth plan.

There isn’t one.

I’ve got some thoughts, but nothing that really feels like one of those detailed “plan” type-things. I don’t think I’m the “birth plan” type – if there is a type for that. And even if I was, let’s be honest: I’ve been through too much shit to think that anything I plan out will actually happen in the way I want it to. So no “plan”.

So here are my thought type-things instead:

Here’s the truth of the matter – my big thing is that I’m kind of terrified of getting a C-Section. Here partners aren’t allowed in the room in the case of an emergency section and that only aggravates my fear of it. I know it’s irrational, I know it won’t be the end of the world if it happens, but it still for some reason really scares me.

Which I admit is weird, considering I’ve had surgeries up in my lady parts before. But that’s neither here nor there.

So I’m scared of that and I want to avoid it. But again – I don’t think I’ll feel like a failure if it happens. At the end of the day I will do anything to get B5 here safe and sound.

But yeah – I really don’t want a C-section. It scares the crap out of me.

So at first I wanted to go au naturale just to minimize the risk of an emergency section. But after talking it through with my doula, I’m totally not there anymore.

My doula is anything but the crunchy granola type. She specializes in high-risk, so she’s very practical about medical interventions. It’s good because I’m not really crunchy granola either, so we work well together.

She’s all for avoiding C-sections, but pointed out several stories to me where an epidural actually helped relax the mom enough to move things along, and helped avoid a section that may have happened otherwise.

Once I heard that, the idea of pain relief seemed like a darn good one.

Then again – I’ve been through labor before. Nadav was of course much smaller, but I did cope with that pain without an epidural, so I know I can. The question is – do I want to?

The answer is that I just don’t know.

Here’s the thing – GD means I’ll have an IV line no matter what happens, and that I’m going to be monitored whether I like it or not. So there’s no use fighting against that kind of stuff.

What I want is a healthy, screaming baby, hopefully with minimal cutting and stitching. How I get there is less important to me when it really comes down to it.

So in the moment – if I want an epidural, I’ll ask for one. I don’t think it’s any sort of failure on a woman’s part to have pain relief, so I’ll take it if I need it. If I see that I can cope without it, I’ll avoid it, just because that will cut down on recovery time, but not because I think an epidural is some evil thing. I really don’t have an opinion on it either way except that it’s probably kind of weird to have your legs numb like that.

The one thing I don’t want is Pethi.dine. It’s a drug that kind of gets you loopy and supposedly helps with pain relief that they sometimes give here. I was given it when I was in labor with Nadav (and it didn’t help with the pain at all, so that’s a crock) and I hated the way it made me feel. I’m also afraid it will cause flashbacks. So that is definitely out.

Everything else is fair game as long as it gets B5 here safely.

So the plan really is: No Pethi.dine, try to avoid stuff that involves stitching if I can, get through labor with minimal freaking out, and bring B5 here safely and hopefully without my head exploding from that outcome.

Honestly? I’m a bit worried about the freaking out thing. One of my biggest fears outside of a section is that I’ll start having flashbacks and panic attacks while in labor. Right now I’m counting on the fact that I have a tendency to get calm and collected during a crisis, and therefore I can keep my feelings in check. I’m hoping that in my psyche, labor with B5 will be one of those cases where I somehow miraculously keep my shit together.

I’d like skin to skin and all that bonding stuff afterwards. But again, no hospital will guarantee that because of the GD. If my sugar levels are good during labor, then chances are I’ll be able to have that at least for a bit before they whisk B5 off to get her sugar levels tested. But if my levels are too high or too low – she’ll be at risk, so screw skin to skin and immediate breastfeeding. Just do what you have to do to make sure she’s ok.

Ahhh breastfeeding. I’ll be posting about that this week. But I think I’ve rambled long enough and made my point.

High-risk pregnancy really brings out the Practical Polly in me. I just hope I’ll be able to roll with the punches and keep my sanity in the process. We shall see.

Bullets and Bunnies – Weekend Edition

13 Jul
  • So let’s start with I guess semi-bad news: I’ve officially been put on insulin. It’s only one shot at night, but there you go. Honestly? It didn’t upset me in the slightest. I’ve been fretting about my numbers and this is supposed to help make them stable. That’s a good thing. I think in the long run it will lead to less anxiety. Though I admit I do have a bit of anxiety around giving myself injections. But my numbers do seem to be evening out some, so I’m a bit calmer.
  • Today was the first day I can say we were truly “nesting”. There’s a lot of organizing to be done ahead of B5’s arrival and we’ve kind of been putting it off. Today we started in on it. We have two “extra” bedrooms. One has been the guest room/place-where-we-stick-our-clean-folded-laundry-because-we’re-too-lazy-to-put-it-away. The other has been the office/storage-room-that’s-so-messy-and-cramped-we-don’t-actually-use-it-as-an-office. We started cleaning out and organizing both. The “office” is going to become an office/guest room and the current guest room will be B5’s room. There’s a lot of moving of furniture, purging, and storage that needs to be done. Today I’m happy to say we threw away three garbage bags worth of stuff and moved a bunch of stuff to the storage room.
  • I also decided to tackle our main bathroom, which has just been really disorganized. There were LOTS of spare pee sticks to be put away and things just generally needed to be put in place. Really? The sheer amount of pee sticks was overwhelming (in case you’re curious I have 5 unused HPT’s, 50 OPK’s and 4 positive HPT’s from this pregnancy that I’ve been hoarding, and there were a lot of empty pee stick boxes there too for some reason). Apart from getting the other stuff organized, I just kind of organized all of the pee sticks in a pile in a corner of one of the cupboards for now. It’s a start, right? And hey – the bathroom looks really nice now and you can only find the pee sticks if you look really hard.
  • All in all it felt Ah-mazing to get started on all of this. Our home isn’t dirty (mostly thanks to the cleaning lady that comes every two weeks), but Shmerson and I both suck at organization  so it felt good to have things look like they are in their place for a change. I think we’ll need at least 2-3 more Saturdays to get it all under control, but I’m kind of loving the feeling of making progress.
  • Today I actually used the phrase “the baby’s room” for the first time. Freaky.
  • In other getting-our-shit-together-because-OMG-there-may-be-a-baby-here-soon news, we’ve hired a dog trainer for Luna. She’s a super-smart, wonderful dog, but has serious anxiety issues, which make her bark a lot and makes it hard to leave her home alone. The trainer is lovely and we’re starting to see some progress. I just hope Luna will take to B5 with love and not hostility. Hopefully the training will make a difference.
  • We had another hospital tour yesterday, which leaves one more to go before we make our decision. The last one (that we haven’t officially toured yet) is most likely what we’re going to go with based on a bunch of factors, but we wanted to see all 3 options before deciding. Yesterday’s tour was a bit of a nightmare because of one of the other preggos in the group. The woman was just screaming “I’m a stupid fertile”, which is saying something since she was obviously well-to-do and educated, and therefore probably not actually stupid. I wanted to punch her in the face. She kept asking stupid questions with this huge “look how cute I am” grin on her face. Oh – and she was there with her equally stupid friend who is also preggo and they kept whispering and giggling with each other. OMG I am so happy I opted for private child birth classes. I just know this was the kind of crap I would have had to deal with otherwise. Stupid fertile happy-go-lucky preggos make me hostile. It’s not pretty, but it’s just the way it is.
  • There has been an upside to buying all of the baby stuff. I’ve been trying positive visualizations in an effort to curb my anxiety and actually knowing what B5’s stuff looks like has really helped that, so it comes more easily now. That’s definitely a good thing.
  •  When this pregnancy is over I know I want to get on a good weight loss plan. But not before I eat ALL THE CAKE. Some donuts and pizza and croissants and sushi would also be amazing. Washed down with a nice strawberry daiquiri. But first, cake. Lots and lots of cake.GD sucks.
  • That’s about all the randomness I have for today. I leave you with this bunny. Hope everyone has a great weekend!




10 Jul

We officially own baby stuff.

I mean, most of it isn’t actually in our home. That’s just a rocking chair we bought that they couldn’t keep until the birth. My mom and I both kind of freaked out when we realized we actually had to take that home today.

We just bought and paid for

A stroller

A car seat

A crib

Baby bottles


Baby clothes

Baby blankets

I was hoping to maybe enjoy the experience, but I spent the hour+ shopping spree mostly in shock.

And then had half a panic attack on the way home.

We actually own a car seat. Like – an actual car seat where a baby goes. That’s insane.

Something hit me this week. With all our losses, I don’t think I’ve ever made the connection that a pregnancy is actually supposed to lead to a baby. It’s like I forgot that was even possible.

And that this pregnancy, at 32 weeks,  is now most likely to lead to an actual, real-life baby.

That is freaking terrifying.

Between that and owning a real honest-to-goodness car seat, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Pardon the repetition:

It Never Goes Away

3 Jul

So I’ve been silent for a while because I was stuck in a brand-spanking new anxiety bubble.

Looking back at it, it was a totally illogical hormonal meltdown. But when you’re in the middle of it, it just seems incredibly real.

Here’s how it started: Last Thursday during the day I felt B5 move a little less than usual. I was a bit worried, but the kick counts I did were fine. On Friday, we had our second childbirth class with our doula, and I mentioned it to her. She was very sweet, and told me what to do if I get really concerned about less movement. Basically: That if I need to, I shouldn’t be afraid to go to the ER to get checked out. Nobody would judge me for it.

At the same time, my blood sugar readings have been a bit high. Nothing too big – 5 points over what they should be on average. But that was there.

Something about those two incidents started getting me to panic (I honestly can’t put my finger on what it was). On Saturday B5 opened a circus in my ute, so I calmed down a bit. But then again on Sunday – quiet. Again – the kick counts were fine. Things were just – softer than usual. The same thing happened on Monday. I knew logically that there was no reason for me to worry. I spoke to the high-risk nurse on Monday as well because of my slightly high sugar readings, and she confirmed, everything is fine.

But then something kind of snapped. On Tuesday I freaked. The eff. Out. I did 3 kick counts in as many hours. I called everyone from my mom to the high-risk nurse crying hysterically. They all told me to just go to the ER, but I knew deep down that this was all in my head and there’s really no reason to spend 5 hours in an ER over this.

I just kept on running through terrible scenarios over and over. It wasn’t really the quieter movement, or the slightly high sugar readings. It was the PTSD and the hormones wreaking havoc on my psyche.

We had our first tour of an L&D ward last night, and on the way there, B5 decided to re-open the circus. Finally I breathed deeply again.

Do I regret not going to the ER? No. I know that nothing is actually wrong right now. My high-risk OB looked at my blood sugar numbers yesterday and didn’t think it was necessary to medicate. B5 has been showing off in my ute all day today.

I think that two things are happening: The first, is that this is all becoming very REAL. I’m less than 6 weeks away from getting my cerclage removed. That’s next month. That’s nuts. It just seems surreal to have come this far. The second is of course the residual PTSD from everything we’ve been through. I can’t think about labor without remembering the last time I went through it. And it’s time I start thinking about labor. I need to find a way to do it without bursting into tears.

So I’ve upped my therapist back to once a week, and I’m trying to work through all of this. Slowly but surely I’m regaining hold of sanity. Let’s just hope that it sticks around.

Bullets and Bunnies: 30 Weeks Edition

25 Jun
  • I’m 30 weeks today. I really never thought we’d get here. Now that we’re here though – I’m grateful, but it’s a little harder than I imagined it would be. I’ve said here before that I’m not loving being pregnant, and that’s not changed. Luckily, physically I’m not suffering too much but I’m truly sick and tired of missing out on life due to all of the restrictions. 4 months of basically being on house arrest have taken their toll, and now with the added dietary restrictions I can barely enjoy the bit of respite I do get. We actually went out to a movie on Saturday and there was literally a 15 minute discussion about whether or not we can buy popcorn because of the GD. I really want my body back. I’ll happily wait until B5 is full-term mind you – and have no desire to evict her any earlier, but this crap is seriously getting old.
  • With that whole “I want my body back” thing though, I’m starting to realize that in fact, that probably will never happen. My stomach is stretch-mark-palooza, despite my loyally rubbing cocoa butter on it every night. I have fondly started calling it “the cream of lies” because really it does nothing. On one hand, I am kind of fond of these little marks, because it means my belly is growing, as is B5, but I’m a bit scared to think that once you get them, they never really go away. And mine are BAD.
  • These bullets are a bit complain-y aren’t they? I think I’m just in a mood today. I’m really ok and grateful and all that fun sunshine and unicorn fart crap, I swear. I just feel like kvetching.
  • So on with the kvetching! I am a hormonal mess. At least 4 times in the last week I’ve lost my shit over something trivial. And that’s without the random crying at things. We were watching the first Star Trek reboot the other night and I literally started bawling when they started the whole “Space… The final frontier” speech at the end of the film. I still have no idea why it made me cry, but I was a mess for a good 15 minutes.
  • I’m also a ball of anxiety. I feel like I’m not letting myself be anxious about B5 as much so my anxiety is therefore being channeled into ALL THE THINGS. Today I found myself spending a nice chunk of time worrying about things that are literally 5 years down the road. Then when I talked myself down from that, I got worried about Shmerson driving tonight after work because he’s tired. Then I started worrying about my cholesterol levels once this pregnancy is over. My brain is screwy, seriously. I’ve got enough to be worried about, I don’t get why I’m insisting on adding more.
  • One thing I’m genuinely concerned about is that my blood glucose levels have been borderline. My high-risk OB decided not to medicate the GD for now but I’m kind of questioning whether that’s the best thing. I’ve had some high readings this week (on average one meal a day and the rest is ok, and I don’t know what’s causing the high readings), and B5 is measuring on track, when before she was consistently 4-5 days behind. I know it’s silly to worry about measuring on track, but I can’t help but think that her growth spurt may have something to do with the GD, and the issue may get worse. Problem is, my next appointment isn’t for a couple of weeks, and I’m wondering what the occasional high readings will do until then, because I don’t want them to hurt her. Who wants to talk me down?
  • Ok enough kvetching. Time for a technical note: Google Reader is going away on July 1st, so anyone who follows me via the reader should find an alternative. If you don’t want a whole new blog-reading platform, then please do subscribe to the blog via email with the button on the top right of this page. If you’re still looking for an alternative, I’ve been using Netvibes. It’s a bit clunkier and it took me a while to get the settings right – but it’s been doing the job. Plus, I could import my entire reading list there, which was handy (though did require some reading up on exporting and importing RSS subscription lists).
  • On a totally unrelated note, I’m officially back on the crack that is “Toddlers and Tiaras” . I have no clue why I insist on inflicting this on myself, but there ya go.
  • So that’s about it. Sorry for the whiny post. I promise you guys I’m doing well, just going a bit stir-crazy and craving chocolate cake and ice cream. Here’s a bunny to make up for the kvetch:


And Just Like That…

13 Jun

So something went wrong with dinner tonight and I had an unusually high blood sugar reading afterward.

Then I decided to google it to see if it was a big deal.

I found a site that seemed very informative with some nice comprehensive stuff about the condition. I made the mistake of reading it and it scared the eff out of me by getting into worst case scenarios which I didn’t really want to read (and I really don’t want to repeat here), and I’ve been avoiding like the plague. Yay me for being a genius and not stopping reading when I should have. Stupid Dr. Google.

And just like that, a switch went off in my head and all optimism got tossed out the window. I’m pretty much back to terrified and emotionally detached now.

Somebody talk me down, because this is no fun.

Dude, So Weird

11 Jun

With the permission of my high-risk OB, I’ve been going on outings once a week in an attempt to keep my sanity. Usually they consist of going to the mall and lunch with my mom.

Today, in honor of hitting 28 weeks, and to try this new-fangled prospect of embracing, I tentatively stepped into a baby store for the first time – with the notion of starting to comparison shop cribs, strollers, car seats, etc.

The saleswoman was incredibly helpful, and spent close to 45 minutes with my mom and I covering everything from crib mattresses to the ways car seats buckle.

My mom engaged with her and asked questions. I on the other hand was a deer in the headlights. Half the time everything she said went in one ear and out the other. The rest of the time I thought she felt like I was catatonic.

Now mind you – I’ve been doing some online window shopping for a while now. I have a board on pinterest and everything. Doing it in the comfort of my own home was fine. There was an air of detachment to the whole thing and I was really proud of myself for doing it.

But in the shop – I guess I just didn’t know how to digest it all. It felt like an out-of-body experience.

We’re going to another store next week. Hopefully by then I will have processed this whole thing and may actually enjoy it. Hopefully.

Or at the very least I hope I won’t be how I was today, which was basically this:

Dude – today was so weird.

A Daunting Prospect

7 Jun

At dinner tonight, I had a long talk with my brother.

He basically told me that I’ve been doing a huge disservice to B5 by treating this pregnancy like a disease.

He pointed out – rightly so – that thinking about this pregnancy in strictly medical terms is losing an opportunity to embrace this baby and to start parenting her.

As much as I tend to forget this, I am not sick. I am perfectly healthy and pregnant.

Most people talk to their babies in utero, sing to them, bond with them in different ways.

We haven’t been doing that at all. We both barely talk to her. We barely acknowledge her.

But it’s not just that. It’s the fact that I’m always unhappy as well. She’s got to feel that, even if in the smallest way, that’s not fair to her.

I had been really looking forward to the childbirth class that we were supposed to have today, because I was hoping it would make all of this more “real” for both of us. But the doula got held up at a birth, so that didn’t happen.

I surprised myself with how disappointed I was. I hadn’t realized how badly I needed for this to be more “real”.

But my brother helped me understand that we don’t need a childbirth class to bond with B5. Like he said, we just have to start doing it.

So tonight I had Shmerson pull out a book and read to her. She kicked and moved around the whole time. It was very cool, and I was a bit teary through the whole thing.

Then of course afterwards the familiar anxiety started to take over.

But I pushed it away.

My brother is right – I’m already a mom. It’s time I start acting like one and start embracing my baby. I have absolutely nothing to lose by doing it, and everything to gain in the long run.

It’s a daunting, anxiety-ridden prospect. But it’s not B5’s fault that we’ve been through so much loss and trauma. She shouldn’t suffer or have less of us because of it.

We need to celebrate her, and make room for her in our life.

So Shmerson and I are both going to try. As hard as it is, we have to embrace this baby as her own little being, alive and kicking.

It would be unfair to do anything else.

Now let’s hope we can actually pull it off without freaking out.

What Preparing Means

5 Jun

So I bought nursing bras today. And nothing bad happened. It was weird, but it had to be done since I’m popping out of my bras and there’s no point in buying regular ones at this point.

That, plus a few comments on my last post made me realize that this whole decision to “prepare” kind of needs clarification. For me and for you guys, since after all I’m in Israel, and things here work a bit differently… Ok, very differently.

People here  (mostly I think due to Jewish tradition) are VERY superstitious. Nobody has baby showers. A party is usually thrown in honor of the Bris if it’s a boy when the baby is 8 days old, or in the case of a girl – sometime during the first few months AFTER the birth. So baby gifts are usually in the form of a check.

Very few people decorate the nursery before the baby is born.

In terms of purchasing necessities like a car seat, stroller, bottles, etc: The way it usually works is that the couple comes in and “orders” those things in advance. Then once the baby is born, the couple calls the store and they deliver those things to the home within 24 hours. So basically, with the exception of hand-me-downs from friends that may get to the home in advance, the home is baby-stuff-free until after a safe birth.

So with all of that – I’m pretty much in line with the way things are done around these parts. Everyone is scared, so my trauma doesn’t stick out as much.

But then comes the stuff that people do:

Childbirth Classes

Pre-Shopping for the Necessities

Hospital Tours

Self-Education About Caring for a Newborn

There are more abstract things of course, and things that are done in theory before they’re done in practice, but that’s basically it in terms of practical “preparation”.

So today, at 27 weeks, 1 day – this is where I’m at:

Childbirth classes: We found and hired a Doula that specializes in high-risk pregnancy pretty early on. I still don’t know whether I want her at the actual birth, but the idea was to have someone to walk us through the pregnancy.We have our first childbirth class with her, in our home, this Friday.

Getting private childbirth classes was a no-brainer for me. I knew I couldn’t stand taking those classes with normal, happy, blissfully ignorant fertiles in a more public setting. I also wanted to get these out of the way early in case B5 decides she doesn’t want to wait and evicts herself early. This time, I want to feel more in control of the situation. And more importantly even-  I want Shmerson to feel more in control. I know that no matter what, now that we’re in the third trimester things are vastly different than they were last time, and that will already make things easier. But right now, both Shmerson and I associate childbirth with the most traumatic event in our lives. Hopefully these classes, with a Doula who “gets” what high risk is, will make a difference in turning that perception around. At least I hope so, because honestly with all this PTSD action, I’m very scared of labor and birth, and what it will do to us emotionally because of all the trauma.

Hospital tours: We have a choice between 3 different hospitals in our area. I think I know which one I want based on a few factors, but I want to make a fully educated choice. My head says to go to the hospital where the Russian practices so there’s a good chance he’ll be available in case we have to go in for a C-Section (births here are mostly attended to by nurse midwives so the doctor on call is really only relevant if things go wrong). My heart kind of wants to go to the hospital where Nadav was born/died to have a healing experience (maybe?).  And the third option is the closest to home. Eventually I think the tours will be the deciding factor. I think we’ll wait until somewhere around 30 weeks to start those. Maybe even later. We shall see. I honestly don’t even know when the “acceptable” time to do hospital tours is. I’ll have to ask the doula on Friday.

Pre-Shopping: This is a tough one. I’m kind of tempted not to pre-order much. Really at the end of the day, we can buy most of this stuff once B5 gets here. I think the most we’ll probably do is a car seat, brea.st pump, some bottles and blankets, and a moby wrap. Diapers and clothes are going to depend on her size anyway, so I don’t see a point in buying any of that ahead of time since we’re bound to get the size wrong. I know that if needed, my mom will run out and happily be a clothes/diaper shopping maniac while we’re at the hospital, so we’ll be set. Am I being too blase’ about this? Maybe. But most parents I’ve spoken with have attested to the fact that this is really all you need in the first month. What do you guys think?

Self Education: Mrs Brightside left an awesome comment on my last post that really got me thinking about this. She shared that she was too scared to really prepare and educate herself before the birth of her son, and in hindsight she regrets it. I really appreciate her honesty, and I plan to take that to heart. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can bring myself around to start reading a baby book without freaking out. Any recommendations?

So that’s where I’m at. I guess it’s lucky I live in such a superstitious country. That way people don’t look at me funny for being so hesitant (any funnier than usual, that is).

This Whole Time Thing

29 May

Shmerson and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Monday. Unlike last year or the year before, where we had gone someplace extravagant for several days, this one was relatively low-key.

Anniversaries have been bittersweet for us, since most of our marriage has been marred with loss. My first miscarriage was barely two months after our wedding. This year was no exception. There was celebrating, and speculating, and also a bit of crying.

The interesting thing about the day was dinner. We had a long talk, and it was more or less the first time we had an extended conversation about B5, as not just an idea, but as our daughter. Questions of raising her – everything from internet etiquette to sleeping arrangements.

It was a wonderful hopeful conversation.

Of course I had a panic attack a little later, but I still think it was progress.


This GD thing is really effing with me. Well, not just the GD. Time in general.

I am soooo ready to get this over with. I sooo want this pregnancy to be over. Yet I know we need every single week now for her to grow. I know we need at least 11 more weeks.

Sometimes 11 weeks seem like nothing, and other times – most times – it feels endless. The tedium of GD, and having my day split up into 3-hour increments, and always having to figure out all of this food stuff is exhausting, and just makes everything seem longer.

We said we would wait until 28 weeks to start preparing for her arrival, but the truth is I’m eager to start doing everything now. Like maybe looking at cribs and debating the merits of a changing table will make the time pass by faster.

But more like – maybe it will make everything seem a bit more real.

I’m still terrified, but the fact is that there is a fairly good chance we have a baby girl entering our lives sometime in August or September (please please not a moment sooner).

Man that feels weird to type up. I’m probably going to pay for that with a panic attack later. Good times.

Does anyone have a time-speeder-upper-type-thing I could borrow?

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