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It’s a Thing in Progress, Respect the Thing

25 Mar

Things are so weird. I seriously feel like I’m bipolar.

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Starting with the tattoo yesterday, to time with friends last night, and topping all of it off with Sushi and “The Hunger Games” with Shmerson tonight.

Loved the movie, BTW. One of the few Book-to-Film adaptations I can truly say I loved. Some of you may know, I tend to get a bit eh-hem – bitter – when my favorite books are ruined by Hollywood. So I’m relieved they didn’t mess it up.

I guess you want to see the tattoo, right?

I think it came out pretty freaking awesome.

So awesome tattoo? Check. Awesome movie? Check. Oh, and there was more:

Shmerson and I haven’t gone abroad since our honeymoon. I REALLY want to get the frak out of the country for a bit, so Shmerson and I were thinking of doing Rome/Florence in May or June (I loooove Italy).

That’s part of the reason I’ve been working so hard these last couple of weeks, to make some extra cash. We deserve a vacation.

So I was all about Rome and Florence.

That is – until I found this:

Faith No More is my absolute favorite band of all time ever in the history of the universe. Ever.

They got back together (yay!) a couple of years back and did a show in Tel Aviv. My wedding aside, those two hours were pretty much the happiest I’ve been in the last few years.

They have exactly two tour dates this year. One of them is just a 4 hour flight away. Or in short: Plans have changed.

If all goes well, Shmerson and I will be rocking out to Mike Patton and Co. on July 8th.

I spent all day today just beaming from the prospect of seeing them live again (not to mention there are some other bands in there that I would love to see, and rock concerts are in general my favorite form of recreation, and we plan on at least 4 more days in the UK before or after the festival).

So why the hell do I feel like crap now? Everything was going freaking fantastic. Now I just feel… Heavy.

Honestly? I don’t know what went wrong.

Maybe I’m feeling like crap because the last time Shmerson and I ate at the restaurant we were at tonight was when I was just hitting my second trimester with Nadav and feeling confident.

Maybe it was the family of 5 we saw heading over to the parking lot after dinner, with the stroller in tow, and the longing I felt when I saw the mother carrying the baby.

Maybe it’s the frustration that this process is no where near behind us. That we have a long road ahead.

Maybe it’s the thought that if Nadav was still here, I wouldn’t be going to the UK in July, and as much as I love Faith No More, I’d rather have my son here with me.

Or maybe it’s just because this is all just a process, and things will continue to go up and down.

It’s a thing in progress. I will respect the thing.

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