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The AF Betting Pool (With Prizes!)

2 Jun

Ok folks. Aunt Flo has officially decided to be a bitch. Every iphone app and calculation has indicated that she should have arrived sometime today. So far, no sign. No sign of my body gearing up for her either.

So – I’ve decided that instead of torturing myself, I would make this into a fun game for you guys! With prizes!

We IFers love analyzing these things! So away we go!

Here’s how this will work:

I will give you the ins and outs of my cycle.

You will post an educated guess in the comments as to when you think AF will show up.

In order to keep it fair and ensure only one winner, your guess has to be in a 6 hour range. For example, your guess should look something like this: Friday Morning, June 3rd, some time between 10am and 4pm. Keep in mind this is MY local time. I’m currently writing this at 11:30pm on Thursday night. That’s 7 hours ahead of NY, 10 hours ahead of LA, etc.

You cannot repeat a guess that someone has already posted.

Now – for the fun part! The prize!

Whoever gets it right will receive a yummy package of Israeli chocolate. And trust me, Israeli chocolate is amazing.

For my Israeli readers – have no fear! you can participate too! If you win, I’ll take you out for some chocolate cake!

So here are the stats along with all the down and dirty details:

My post- miscarriage betas were down to 4 on May 3rd. I’m assuming they zeroed out about 24 hours later.

On May 2nd, something that looked and felt like AF came, and stayed for 4 days, so I assume that’s when my uterus realized I was no longer preggo.

Positive OPK showed up on May 22nd. I usually ovulate around CD 18-20, and my cycles are between 28-30 days long. They have never been longer. Usually they’re 29 days on the dot. (or they have been since the first pregnancy last year).

BDing was done, but at 4DPO with protection. (yes, “you’re preggo” is a legitimate guess as well, though I assume it will put you at a lower chance of winning the prize).

OK all! Have at it! I will update this post with a winner as soon as the bitch shows up! (yes, I have ceased to play nice). Don’t worry, if you win, I’ll also email you, so you don’t have to keep checking this page.

Have fun!

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