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15 Weeks: 2012 and This is Sparta!!!!

31 Dec

Dear 2012,

Last year, in a desperate attempt at optimism, I wrote a letter to 2010, thanking her for the first half, which gave me the best wedding ever, and cursing her for the second half, which sucked so much it broke my brain.

This year, I have decided not to honor 2011 with a letter, because apart from the last couple of months, with this nicely progressing pregnancy, she pretty much sucked monkey balls.

So instead, 2012, I turn to you. I’m very optimistic about you, you know? I have high hopes for us. If all goes well you should be bringing me a baby in June, and hopefully some prosperity and peace in our new home. 2012, I’m counting on you to deliver the goods, avoid an apocalypse, and if all goes well I will write you a nice thank you note 365 days from now.

So hopefully we have a deal. Trust me, you don’t want to end up like 2011, sitting in a dark corner and being ignored. This isn’t a threat. Let’s just call it a humble request.



So! This is my 300th post. Holy jeez. And I’m 15 weeks. Wow. This week I actually started thinking ahead to decisions like whether I want a doula, where I may consider giving birth, and what kind of birth I have in mind. I also had dinner with PM and her husband, where we discussed the ins and outs of baby shopping, and I had no choice but to marvel out loud at how I didn’t burst into flames. It was rather remarkable.

I have to say that my 300th post also being my end of the year post is pretty poetic. As is the amazing fact that I am actually 15 weeks pregnant while doing both of those things. Wow (wasn’t that a completely non-eloquent way to address the scope of the situation? Quality writing at it’s best, people!).

Now for the pic:

I think we’re up to about 30 to 70 in Shmaby to pizza ratio. Or so PM insisted at dinner the other night.

For all of you: may 2012 be cooperative, apocalypse-free, and give us all everything that we wish for.

Happy new year!!!!

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