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12 Weeks – Well isn’t This Just Awesome…

9 Dec

So two days – that was how long I had to revel in the awesome NT scan.

Warning: TMI Alert!

I woke up with morning with some major brown bleeding. Not just spots – there was gushing.

Honestly? I wasn’t that worried. I figured it was a result with my date with wandy a couple of days back.

But then, there was a clot. The bleeding stopped right after, but there was a clot.


First thing I did? Ran to the doppler and found a heartbeat. That calmed me down a bit, but I knew I needed more. I texted the Russian. His clinic is closed today but he told me to get my ass to an U/S ASAP.

So I called health services and found a doctor who saw patients on Friday (I couldn’t bare the thought of going to an ER), and off we went.

Shmaby is ok. Measuring 3 days ahead (!) and even waved hello to us (new pic up on the Shmaby page).

The emergency doc thinks the bleed is because the placenta is low, but he’s not sure that this is what caused it. Either way, he didn’t find any other cause and all looks well.

Just in case he ordered me on bed rest for a week. So that’s where we’re at. On the threshold of starting to enjoy this, and now bed rest and clots. Awesome.

We’ll be seeing the Russian on Monday. For now, I’m happy we got another peek and happier that we have a doppler in the house.


80% pizza to 20% Shmaby. I think.

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