Forgive Me Flying Spaghetti Monster, For I Have Peed

29 Nov

In my defense, I’m 8 days late.

Look, just the thought of spelling out when my last period was, or breaking out the old acronyms (AF! PCOS! HPT! PUKE!) is making me a little queasy. Long story short:

My cycle gets out of whack when I am over a certain weight.

I started stress eating when we decided to stop preventing.

I am now over that certain weight.

Que the whomp-whomp sound effects.

So either I was subconsciously sabotaging myself, or…

Ok –  I was probably subconsciously sabotaging myself.

Regardless, the diet begins this week. Because 3 pee sticks and the scale have told me that apparently I have to make a conscious effort.


(You may now commence the throwing of the stuff and things)

4 Responses to “Forgive Me Flying Spaghetti Monster, For I Have Peed”

  1. AK at 02:43 #


  2. April at 20:45 #

    We all slip up sometimes. Or three times.

  3. Geochick at 23:23 #

    Oh man! Wish it was just a lovely surprise instead of more of the same.

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