I’m Going Slightly (Pee-Stick) Mad

11 Jun

Sorry all non-IF readers – TTC geekery ahead.

CD 35.

You all know what happened last month.

So now I’m on CD 35, no AF in sight, and BFNs across the board.

Thing is? The BFNs are on the HPTs, not the OPKs. OPKs keep on coming out positive. That’s NEVER happened to me before this last pregnancy. Usually they’re nice and negative a day or two after I pop. Now they just keep on coming up positive.

And I have nooooo idea what the frick is going on.

I’m seriously starting to get worried that my PCOS is acting up again. That’s usually the explanation for consistently high LH levels. At least that’s what I can tell from Dr. Google.

Thinking of biting the bullet, making an appointment with the Russian, and asking for clo.mid.

Am I over reacting? Thoughts?

PS – breaking up with my therapist tomorrow! Wish me luck!

22 Responses to “I’m Going Slightly (Pee-Stick) Mad”

  1. Cristy at 00:33 #

    That is strange! I think an appointment with the Russian may help shed some light on things.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Daryl at 01:21 #

    That sounds like a good plan. Good luck tomorrow, and with finding a therapist who *gets* all this bs.

  3. mrs. brightside at 02:19 #

    hey – just wanted to say hi quick, that i think of you often and how hard it is to get back into this shit with a shred of sanity. whatever you gotta do to get through this, just do it. if there’s a way to dispel something that’s eating you up, make the call. hoping for things to start heading your way soon.

    • Mo at 02:29 #

      Thanks hon lots of love!

  4. Jay at 02:25 #

    For an OPK to be truly positive, the test line has to be darker than the control line. In my last attempt which was a BFN, I did what you are doing now,I used both OPKs and HPTs (you are SO not alone in the madness)

    The HPTs were completely negative, but I got a second line (light, but definitely there) on the OPKs at the end of my cycle- its perfectly normal I think. FYI, by blood test, my LH levels are always low (around 2-3), and half my FSH.

    Basically, what I’m saying is, a test line on your OPK does not mean high LH. You could just have a blood test to see where you stand though, for reassurance.

    • Mo at 02:29 #

      Thanks jay! Thing is its not just a line- its a complete positive! So annoying

      • Jay at 04:26 #

        Wow, If your test line is darker than your control, then yeah, its definitely something odd. Are you positive you ovulated before, with the increase in temps or a progesterone test? If its not a delayed surge and delayed (CD35) ovulation, then the only fallback explanation is hormonal imbalances, ugh. I’d definitely see the doc, and have that blood test. I hope it does not turn out to be PCOS!

  5. mrs. brightside at 02:39 #

    p.s. have you done clomid before? it made me a crazy bitch and thinned the shit out of my lining. just be careful with getting into it!

    • Mo at 02:43 #

      Actually I haven’t. Thanks for the head’s up!

    • SRB at 04:41 #

      It also made me a crazy bitch. Like, more than normal. And really, really hot.

      An appt. with the Russian couldn’t hurt. Ask for CD3 bloodwork to check all your levels. I can email you all the things to ask for if you want. I have a req. sitting there waiting for CD3 for new baselines, but as it’s CD61, I think I can made a good guess as to what they are. FU PCOS!!

      • Mo at 18:54 #

        Yes email me please! I was woefully ignorant the last time my cycles were out of whack

  6. I did Clomid (and I have PCOS) and it didn’t even make me ovulate. Just gave me a big ‘ole cyst. Ugh.

  7. JM at 17:31 #

    I think an appt is definitely in order, at least for some bloodwork to see where things stand. Maybe b/w now to see wtf is up with this crazy surge, but another once CD3 finally rolls around to get a more standard comparison. PCOS sucks the big one. My guess? Hormones still just out of whack from everything else, and your body is just struggling harder to normalize.

    I’m also part of the “ovaries too good for clomid” club- I had absolutely no response to it. Fun. Times.

    • JM at 17:32 #

      (the good thing was it didn’t have any batshit crazy side effects either, so at least it was an all-encompassing failure)

    • Mo at 18:53 #

      I really hope you’re right because me no likey this at all. Takes me back to the good ole 5-month-long cycle days. They weren’t really good at all. That was a lie

  8. pjsarecomfyn at 18:49 #

    This is so crazy I have no idea what to do…I am like deer in headlights over here. Keep me posted on if/when you see the Russian. Hope something positive materializes. PCOS better watch her effing back!

  9. pjsarecomfyn at 18:49 #

    Also good luck with the break up….I now have that “breaking up is hard to doo-oo’. song in my head

    • Mo at 18:52 #

      Yay! Revenge for the last song you got stuck in my head! :-p

  10. Belle at 19:34 #

    Boooooo! Dumb ovaries. Clomid made me so cray cray and did not make me ovulate. It also thins your lining. I hear Femara is better.Good luck breaking up with your therapist!

  11. Erin at 23:13 #

    Clomid worked for my mom (hence, me), but did nothing for me and made me a raving lunatic. Femara didn’t make me crazy and what finally worked and gave me my son after years of trying. Good luck and I’d call the Russian for sure.

  12. Trisha at 01:42 #

    PCOS is such a douchnozzle. I hope the Russian can shed some light on the situation. GRRR this is not fair for you 😦

  13. Good luck on the break up with your therapist. I hope that the Russian can figure out what is going on with your hormones.

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