Operation: Ole’ Lefty

18 Jun

So after calling two other doctors for second and third opinions, wallowing in self pity, and a long conversation with Shmerson, it’s official:

We’re diving in this month.

The thing is – the timing of all of this is making this whole thing basically look like a military operation. You see, on Sunday Shmerson is leaving for about two weeks of reserve duty. This means that technically, he won’t be home on the day my follie pops. Well, us being us, we have secured any and all contingency plans to make sure that since we’re jumping into this with both feet, we’re gonna do it properly!

Phase One: Shmerson will be taking the car over to the base. Yes, that leaves me with no car for most of the week. I have officially notified my parents that theirs will have to be borrowed as needed.

Phase Two: Shmerson called his commander and notified him that he will have to be “on call” to come home once my OPK is positive. Yes, the commander is aware of the fact that this is because I will be ovulating. Yes – this means we are perhaps just a bit TOO open with what’s going on with us. (In our defense, the first time I found out I was pregnant Shmerson was away for reserve duty and had to tell his commander that he needed to come home because he just found out his wife was preggo. When they ran into each other a couple of months later, Shmerson had to fill him in on the gory details of the loss as a result, so really – we’ve been in TMI territory with this man for a while now).

Phase Three: Just in case I pop on CD 14, and not 17-20 per usual, BD will commence on Saturday night at approximately 23 hundred hours(local time).

Phase Four: I POAS once a day to see where I’m at.

Phase Five: Appointment with Twofer on Monday to confirm left side ovulation.

Phase Six: Once positive OPK is obtained, Shmerson will hop in our car and make the 2-3 hour drive home in order to commence an additional BD (or three), before returning to base the following morning (pending confirmation from his commander).

Phase Seven: A TWW  with Shmerson away. Which means, inevitably, that I will be going out of my skull. Advice on how to keep myself thoroughly busy and distracted during that time will be much appreciated.

Phase Eight: Freak out.

4 Responses to “Operation: Ole’ Lefty”

  1. raanan June 19, 2011 at 01:54 #

    honey, no need to freaky-outy 🙂
    i love the way youre going about this- sometimes the only way to keep ourselves from freakin out, or from over-pondering something is to keep busy and stick to the plan, and it seems thats just what youll be doing.
    i’d burrow in with a good show/ couple of them- for those days, just to fill in those moments when you do start over pondering (“yalla hafirot” is not a nice place to be…).
    and ill take you on your word about reaching out for your friends more.

  2. myskytimes June 19, 2011 at 13:52 #

    Lovely plan… even though it made me chuckle to imagine Shmerson’s request for leave: “Sir, may I leave to impregnate my wife? Be back soon.”

    I love the commander and crossing my fingers for you. Always there if you need distraction during the wait.


  3. Cattiz J June 19, 2011 at 18:30 #

    Oh my, that’s one serious plan 😉

  4. Kelly June 23, 2011 at 19:41 #

    I like it – we need plans and progress (as ladies).

    Don’t think the reserve will mind too much!
    (crossing fingers!!)

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