Life Is Happening

7 Mar

Me: Hey! Over here! It’s blogging time!

Me: Wait! I’m watching “Top Model”

Me: What’s your deal with reality TV? Don’t you think you watch just a teeny-tiny bit too much of it?

Me: Shut up! You watch it too.

Me: Fine.

Me: So what are we blogging about?

Me: Good question.

Me: a) since when do you pay me compliments? And b) aren’t you supposed to be the one with all the answers?

Me: a) Shut up. and b) Shut up.

Me: Wait – wait – you’re bitter too? This is new.

Me: I’m not bitter. I just don’t have all of the answers all of the time. So what would you like to blog about?

Me: Dude, I don’t know. Nothing much happened today. Can we blog about how bad Tyra Banks’ French accent is?

Me: Um – sure – but that would take like – one sentence and you just said that. Don’t you have any more practical ideas?

Me: Since when am I the practical one? What’s up with you? I mean – not that I mind or anything – this indecisive version of you is rather intriguing. Definitely more fun. Hey! Whaddaya say we ditch the blogging and go chain smoke and eat junk food?

Me: Don’t push your luck.

Me: Darn it. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Me: And why chain smoke?

Me: Cause we’re quitting tomorrow.

Me: Yes and…?

Me: Well – I’m freaking out about it!

Me: Chill. it’s for a good cause.

Me: Really? if we want it so badly – why did we almost have a panic attack just at the thought of it today?

Me: because it’s scary. It means LIFE IS HAPPENING

Me: Yes. And I would much rather crawl into a ball and watch stupid reality tv while chain smoking and chomping down on cheese fries. Mmmmm…. Cheese fries….

Me: I am not letting you win. We got over the potential panic attack today and we will get over it again tomorrow.

Me: *lights up*

Me: enjoy it while you can.

Me: oh we’ll see who wins this one. *puff*

Me: Dude – it ain’t gonna be you.

Me: don’t use that folksy language with me. You know you can’t pull it off.

Me: Fine. My dear self, you are going to be on the losing end of this battle. In 24 hours we will smoke our last cigarette. Ever. That’s it. Done. Over. Finite Incatatum.

Me: *puff*

Me: *cough*

Me: *takes a drag*

Me: yeah – I think that’s enough for tonight.

One Response to “Life Is Happening”

  1. me0me March 7, 2011 at 01:21 #

    Good title

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