3 Mar

Me: We should really post something

Me: *yawn*

Me: But stuff happened! And things too!

Me: Sleepy.

Me: I feel like we’ve had this conversation before.

Me: Yes – because you’re a nag.

Me: Hey! That was mean

Me: pffff

Me: What does that mean?

Me: You know – it’s like 😛 only not smiling and making fart-like noises

Me: I can’t believe you just said fart-like noises. And how is that pfffff?

Me: I don’t know. Leave me alone. I’m tired.

Me: *Pointing* Look! A double rainbow!

Me: Where?!? *runs away*

Ok – now that we’ve gotten rid of her. Today was a pretty great day. Nothing specific. Just got some amazing chocolate in the mail (thanks, Marie!), and had a quiet evening at home with the hubby.

Plus, of course, there was a good therapy session followed by an appointment with the Harley Hottie. So yeah. Good stuff. Things looking up.

But I am beat.

Me: *Runs back* Hey! You lied! There wasn’t a double rainbow!

Me: *whispers* Shoot. We’re not going to be able to pull that one again.

Me: Did you say something?

Me: Eh-hem. No.

Me: yawn. Can we go to bed now?

Me: Fine. But let me finish watching idol first.

Me: Ok. I can live with Idol.

Me: At least we agree on something.

2 Responses to “Pfff”

  1. Kristin March 3, 2011 at 04:47 #

    Glad at least one of your selfs feels like chatting. So, are you enjoying idol as much as I have been this year?

    • mommyodyssey March 3, 2011 at 13:16 #

      OMG! Totally! I loved Simon (hence I’m happy about the X-factor) but I think I<3 Steven Tyler even more. I'm still not sure who I'm rooting for though – which is rare. Usually by this time I'd have a favorite. I think that's a good thing tho. 🙂

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