I didn’t mean to blog right now, really!

25 Feb

Me: What the frak is your deal?

Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Me: Didn’t we tell Courtney on skype that we were going to pop on an episode of Law and Order and get some flippin’ sleep? Like, two hours ago?

Me: Um, yeah. So – your point?

Me: My point is that we keep on doing this! What’s so difficult about going to bed when you start yawning and feeling sleepy?

Me: I dunno. It was a crazy day and I was fried.

Me: Well so was I! So why the frak aren’t we GOING TO SLEEP?

Me: Well, for one thing, we’re blogging right now.

Me: Ha ha. Very funny.

Me: It’s one of my many talents.

Me: Oh shut the frak up and let’s go to bed.

Me:Why are you using frak? Battlestar Galactica withdrawal again?

Me: Don’t change the subject! Go. To. Sleep!

Me: But I don’t wanna! I wanna play stupid games on facebook!

Me: No – you want to get a good night’s sleep because we have a writing deadline coming up in FOUR DAYS and we’ve been so swamped with work that we haven’t had a chance to do a rewrite.

Me; Look! my pumpkins are ready to harvest!

Me: Look! my eyes are droopy!

Me: oh – I just hit “like” and got free seeds! yay!

Me: you are lame.

Me: *click click click*

Me: Hey! Look over there! It’s a cute bunny! *points away from the computer*

Me: Bunny? Did you say bunny? Where? *goes away to look for the non-existent bunny*

Me: *Snores*


2 Responses to “I didn’t mean to blog right now, really!”

  1. Jenni February 25, 2011 at 07:13 #

    this made me laugh. That’s what you get for blogging in bed. Ive never done that. Well, not once…

    Jenni – ICLW #12

  2. slcurwin February 26, 2011 at 03:24 #

    Frak is to be used whenever and wherever it can be. And, you have pumpkins!!!! I want to grow some.

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