Internet Withdrawal

17 Feb

So I woke up this morning to find that my internet was down.

And remember, dear readers, I not only blog from home, I work from home!

Turns out the rainstorm last night shorted out my phone line.

And guess what? The lovely isp said that they didn’t have a tech available until Sunday!

I then proceeded to rock back and forth in a fetal position for half an hour.

Finally, I regained my sanity, and called them back:

Me: Listen, I work from home. I need the internet. If I don’t have it I’m basically screwed.

Operator: Ok. Please hold.

Me: *holding* *getting withdrawal pangs*

Operator: Yeah, we can maybe try to squeeze you in maybe tomorrow. We’ll call you and let you know.

Me: Screw you.

*two hours later*

Operator: please hold

Me: *shake* *shudder*

Operator: Yes ma’am (she called me ma’am! I’m not 60!) I’m sorry but we can’t make any promises. We’re fully booked.

Me: Screw you.

I decided to say screw it – I’m gonna go to a new ISP! I hate these guys anyway.

I call the potential new ISP:

Me: Hi – I work from home, my old ISP has screwed me over, so if you can get a technician here to install in the next 24 hours, I’m yours, and I’ll take the rest of the business with me.

Operator: Please hold.

Me: *shakes*

Saleswoman: *sucking up to me* *kissing my ass* I can’t promise you one today, but I’ll work my ass off to get you one tomorrow.

Me: Deal. *shaking. thinking why the heck can’t I be reading or something while I’m talking to these people? Oh, right, I have no internet. shudder*

Saleswoman: *continues to kiss my ass*

So yeah – MAYBE tomorrow I’ll get it fixed if miss saleslady manages to make some magic happen. If not, I very well may be AFK for a while.

Well, actually no. The upside of no internet at home? I intermittently get to go to cafes and order ice cream so I can leech off of their connection (sort of like I’m doing right now). It’s not good for the size of my ass, but it keeps the withdrawal pangs at bay.




*eats another bite of vanilla*

One Response to “Internet Withdrawal”

  1. bodegabliss February 18, 2011 at 21:07 #

    Do you have it back yet?!

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