Ok, We Don’t Really Need a Second Dog

12 Feb

Me: Did you see that picture of the cute Shih Tzu’s that were rescued from a puppy mill and need to be adopted?

Me: yeah… So?

Me: Come on! They’re adorable! And we love Shih Tzus! They’re tiny and fluffy and cute.

Me: I’m assuming you have a point here?

Me: Yes. I want them.

Me: I see. Um, no chance in hell. We already have Luna

Me: I love Luna! But more puppies! Puppies are cute! They make me happy! And Shmerson pointed them out to us, so I’m sure he’s on board

Me: a. No he’s not. b. We made a deal with him: baby first, then we consider a second dog. And a second one. Not two more.

Me: um… that deal was made like, a year ago, before we married him. It doesn’t count.

Me: By that logic, he can claim to no longer be responsible for doing the dishes in the house and th-

Me: Shut up! You know he reads this!

Me: Well, you started it!

Me: I want a puppy! Yay! Cute cute puppy!

Me: eh-hem. Breathe.

Me: Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!

Me: I hate it when you do this. Think.

Me: about puppies?

Me: Stop recycling jokes. Think.

Me: Thinking… Thinking… Thinking…. What am I supposed to be thinking about?

Me: Have you heard of a term called “transference”?

Me: Well, duh. You’re not the only one who went to college. I was there too, remember?

Me: Yeah – sometimes I question that.

Me: You’re mean. Can you just get to the point? I want to look at the picture of the cute doggies again.

Me: My point is that you don’t really want another dog. What you want is a baby. And since we’re using a bunch of self control until we try again, you’re transferring your longing over to the doggies.

Me: Stop analyzing me!

Me: Dude, that’s what we do. This is the point of our conversations.

Me: Is it? Because I think they’re mostly there to bum me out.

Me: Get over it.

Me: *sneaks off to look at the cute doggies*

Me: I give up.

2 Responses to “Ok, We Don’t Really Need a Second Dog”

  1. Arohanui February 14, 2011 at 23:16 #

    This is classic! Love it 🙂

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