Weekly Obsession 2: TV Singing Competitions!

12 Jan

You’d think I’d write “American Idol” in the title right? Wrong! Then it wouldn’t count. I mean, that’s just loving one show. This is obsession.
It’s 2001. I’m in my apartment in philly, which I shared with my boyfriend at the time. A promo airs. A homely woman is singing out of tune. A snarky British judge says something really mean. I fall in love.
I watch the first season obsessively. During the next summer I go home to Israel to visit my family. At the time, Israeli television sucks. I discover the wonders of IRC (this was where people downloaded tv shows before the age of streaming and torrents). I immediately download the first and second seasons of the British original: Pop idol.
Then things start getting a bit out of hand.
I discover that there is a canadian idol.
I discover that there is an Australian Idol.
I watch them all. And then of course, the x factor premiers. And Israeli Idol. I am an Idol freak.

Fun Facts:
1) Did you know that the idea of bringing instruments into the auditions originated in the canadian version? They started it in season 2 and it was such an awesome season the american producers broke down and allowed instruments to their contestants.
2) The best quality of contestants in the idol-verse, in my opinion at least, is actually in the Australian version. No international superstar ever came out of there, but they introduced me to these amazing (and sometimes quirky) people:

And speaking of quirky – one of my favorite idol contestants ever is Jacob Hoggard, season 2 of Canadian idol. Before adam lambert discovered the meaning of guy-liner, he did this:

Ok – time for obsession by the numbers:

American Idol: Watched all seasons, of course
Pop Idol: Watched both seasons
Australian Idol: Watched seasons 1-4 (then they got kinda lame)
Canadian Idol: Watched season 1-5 (they were always lame – they’re a canadian cheese-fest. But then they got too lame)
New Zealand Idol: yes – i watched season 1
Israeli Idol (actually called “A star is born” – they are cheap people who didn’t want to buy the rights to the format): All seasons of course, and still going strong.
X-factor UK: Seasons 1-4, got frustrated with the winner, but jumped back on the wagon for season 7
X-factor Australia (yes! it exists!) Watched the first season which bombed, loved it. I noticed that a guy who made it to the semi-finals of that season actually placed 8th in Australian idol season 4 a couple of years later. I believe that’s when I realized I’d gone just a TAD too far.

Off the beaten path:
I absolutely LOVED Rock Star:INXS and Rock Star: Supernova. When I was living in LA – I actually went to see some live tapings. I still have secret crushes on Toby Rand:

JD Fortune:

and a non-sexual crush on the amazing Jordis Unga:

The Ranty Part:
America’s Got Talent is a terrible terrible rip-off of everything ever. Hate it. It’s a terrible show and it needs to die a thousand deaths.
Along with every other idol rip-off that’s been tried in the last few years in the states.

Except the X factor and Rock star! They don’t count! They’re good!

Oh one more thing: Group performances should be cancelled forever. period.

Obsession Breakdown:
I still haven’t gotten over Chris Daughtry’s elimination. it’s been four years. Still mad at them. Will forever be mad at them.

In all the seasons of American idol, the person I was rooting for has only won once.
Season One: I was a justin fan
Season Two: I was a claymate
Season Three: I was an amy adams fan. That got me nowhere so I was a’ight with ‘tasia winning, dawg.
Season Four: I thought that Carrie Underwood was a femme bot. All about Bo.
Season Five: CHRIS DAUGHTRY! MOTH**F&&ERS!!! Fifth place? Are you freaking kidding me?
Season Six: I was all about mindy-doo. But in the finals I liked blake. What can I say? I root for the quirky!
Season Seven: THE ONE SEASON MY WISH WAS FULFILLED! In the Battle of the Davids, Cook won over the little song-bot Archuletta. Me happy. Except for the fact that Carly Smithson got a raw deal.
Season Eight: Adam Lambert! Allison Iraheta! Come on people!
Season Nine: MommaSox should have won. Lee was cute and all, but really, people. You disappoint me. And Ellen as a judge? What were the producers thinking? The whole season was a suckfest. I’m glad they’re shaking things up a bit.

Obsession Summary:
I am literally counting down the days until the next season premier. Thank goodness they got rid of the limp noodle that was Kara. I’m really curious to see what J-lo and Steve Tyler bring to the table. And I guess Randy Jackson signed like a lifetime contract with them or something, because he’s still there (for me for you dawg).

Favorite Contestant: It’s a tie between like, 15 of them. But I embedded all of them here except Cook and Lambert. But they’ll forgive me, I’m sure.

Favorite Performance: No contest, hands down, have it on my ipod I love it so much:

(Confession: I was shooting my thesis film the week he was eliminated. I still have residual guilt for tivoing the episodes and not being able to vote. So sad.)

Favorite top 3: Canadian idol season two! Seriously! they were awesome! Yay quirky! (also the only group performance i’ve liked in all the history of all the idols ever)

Least favorite contestant: too many too mention. I get hostile

Least favorite performance: see above

Least favorite host: The Douche from canadian idol

Favorite host: Andrew G from Australian idol (Seacrest annoys me. I miss Dunkleman.)

Favorite guest mentor: Cyndi Lauper on Canadian Idol 80’s night. Seriously, she was awesome.

Favorite theme night: Rock night, of course

Least Favorite: Elvis. I will say it again- what were they thinking?

And now – a Gem from Israeli Idol to finish off the post – for those of you overseas who aren’t familiar with this particular corner of the idolverse. I believe you will appreciate it regardless of the language barrier, because this woman rocks! She won this last season. This is her winning performance. Her name is Diana Golbi, and she is my new non-sexual crush:

2 Responses to “Weekly Obsession 2: TV Singing Competitions!”

  1. slcurwin January 13, 2011 at 07:37 #

    You reminded me that I need to watch Labyrinth again. To me David Bowie is only right when in tights, a blouse, and a long blonde mullet.

  2. me0me January 18, 2011 at 18:55 #

    I blame this post for my taking forever to catch up on blog reading but it was definitely worth it 🙂 loved… was Jacob Hoggard his name? that was awesome. And the sexy boys (accidentally typed goys and fixed it… maybe should have left it that way?) were… well… sexy. Fun!

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