Ok – you don’t need to have a revelation every day

4 Jan

Oh, dear spaghetti monster in the sky – please give me patience.

I slept waaay late today. I didn’t sleep well because i had a blood pressure monitor attached to my arm (long story!). So when Shmerson woke me up at nine to take the blasted machine off of my arm (considerate hubbies rock), I was all about sleeping more. And the fact that it’s gross and rainy outside definitely helped out here.

So I finally dragged myself out of bed at around 1pm. And then, apart from a bit of work I absolutely HAD to do – I did nothing.

Me: Ok – seriously – you’ve been so good about doing stuff everyday. How about getting some stuff done?

Me: No. Me sleepy. Get off my back and let me watch “How I Met Your Mother”!

Me: Ok – it’s a good episode. I’ll let you watch it.

***25 minutes later***

Me: Episode over! Come on – go do something.

Me: No. It’s cold and the puppy is snuggling up against me under the blanket and I’m comfy.

Me: But you don’t absolutely have to work. You can do other stuff! How about painting? Doing some laundry? At least putting on a pair of pants?

Me: No. The Law and Order episode I’m watching now is about killer monkeys! Come on – you have to give me that.

Me: Ok fine. But after this – get off your fat ass.

Me: Fine

**42 minutes later**

Me: Ok. Episode over. Go – Paint! Have a revelation! Reflect! Write a deep post about important stuff!

Me: No. It’s cold and rainy. I’ll post about my tattoo. Oh! Law and order episode about a black guy killing a white cop!

**42 minutes later**

Me: Hey! You’re supposed to be going through a daily healing process to work through your crap! You can write about medical stuff you’re going through! Write about your mom! You haven’t done that in a while!

Me: mmmm…. Milk and chocolate chip cookies. Oh! Law and order episode that’s “ripped from the headlines!”. And the puppy is dreaming. that is so adorable!

**42 minutes later**

Me: Seriously dude – a pair of pants at least?

Me: No. Comfy.

Me: Fine. But only today, ok? Tomorrow you’re definitely going to put on a pair of pants.

Me: mmmm…. Cute puppy… Sam Waterston…. Jerry Orbach… Darn! We’re out of cookies! …. Did you say something?

Me: I give up!

Me: heh. I love those one-liners Detective Briscoe says at the beginning of each episode.

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