Pharmacies expose my weak will

26 Dec

So I went to get the blood tests this morning (no results yet), and afterwards I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some feminine-type-stuff.

I walk by the aisle where they have the home ovulation test kits and the pregnancy tests.

I stop. The following internal conversation begins:

Me: Come on – just buy the ovulation predictor kit. you know you want to.

Me: No! No! It’s not time yet.

Me: You don’t have to USE it. Just buy it. You know – it’s handy to have around.

Me: No! Shut up! I will not!

Me: But you Luuuurve peeing on sticks.

Me: yeah, I kind of do…

Me: It gives you a sense of control. Control is our friend.

Me: Mmmmm…. Control….

Me: go on, just do it. there’s one on sale. Just pick it up and take it to the cashier. No harm done.

Me: No! Must… Be… Strong… Must… Resist…. Urge… To… Pee… On… Stuff…


Me: No! It’s not time yet. AAAAAARGH!

I was strong. The OPK was not bought.

One Response to “Pharmacies expose my weak will”

  1. slcurwin December 27, 2010 at 04:37 #

    I bought them in bulk on ebay from Hong Kong. $1 for 30 opk’s and 10 hpt’s. $5 shipping. How can you go wrong? I bought two and am still on my first package (three cycles later). That way I dont spend a fortune and I can pee on all the sticks I want! Do it, lol.

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