Chapter 13: 5 days of panic

17 Dec

So on day one of the pills I felt good. Mostly because I was happy that I finally took a step. My friends were proud of me, my husband was proud of me, bla bla bla.

then on day two things started getting weird. I was feeling restless and jittery. i couldn’t concentrate. I was panicky. All the time. $h*t was bad.

And it kept getting worse and worse. All I wanted to do was sleep. I had absolutely no appetite (which, for those who know me – is WEIRD!)

Things were just messed up.

Two days ago I snapped once again. I had a project to do and I couldn’t keep it together. I was literally feeling like I was losing it. Finally I called a friend who had some experience with this and she told me to call the shrink. this is not normal.

See – I have a tendency not to ask for help. To “tough it out”. She was yelling at me “ASK FOR HELP!” And my poor husband, who is incredibly sane and sensible, had no idea what to do with me. If I was a wreck before, now I was the shards of the shards of the dust that you find after you clear the wreckage out.

So back to the shrink I went.

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