Chapter 6: 30th Birthday

16 Dec

Things were crazy. Our lease was coming up on our apartment and our landlords decided they wanted to move in, which for us meant no renewing and in november we were homeless. We had been thinking of buying a place so we started apartment hunting. At this point I was also working two jobs, not getting much sleep, and we were contending with some serious money troubles (weddings, apparently, take a toll on you wallet no matter what). In short – 18 hour days, lots of worries, and a pregnancy – which I was in complete denial of.

I’ll quit smoking once I get to week 8 – I swear.

My 30th birthday came with its own challenges. I was 4 weeks along, and we weren’t telling anyone except the future grandparents, and my three best friends who I can’t keep secrets from. ever.

Denial. It’s a wonderful thing. I kept on chugging along with my over-caffeinated, 20 hour days, and the stress of figuring out whether we can afford to buy a house.

I didn’t even go for a blood test to confirm. But I was pregnant. 15 pee sticks confirmed it (a new record?).

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