Chapter 5: Pee sticks are my friend

16 Dec

I know I’m running through these rather quickly. But I figured it’s important to go over the near past before delving into the present and future.

I handled the miscarriage well. Relatively. I think. I mean, as well as can be expected. I did what I always do. Control everything. at every turn.

I have a friend who recently miscarried. Right after my D&C she told me that the upside is that my monthly cycle will be – finally- regular.

And she was right. precisely 28 days after my D&C my period showed up (I know, I know, TMI). The doc said that after the first period we can start trying again.

And this time – I was prepared! Ovulation kit: Check. Obsessive googling about optimal timing: Check. Frequent visits to Check (that last one by the way became so frequent that it just automatically popped up whenever I opened a browser. ).

You’re supposed to check for ovulation starting about 13 days after your period – and about once a day. I started to check on day 8. By day 14 I was checking twice a day. On day 18 I started freaking out. On day 20 it was positive. But you know, we tried the whole time. just to make sure.

On day 21 I felt weird. I was pregnant again. I could feel it. I just needed the proof.

two weeks of waiting and of course – once again using the google machine to constantly check if the little pinching I felt on my ovary/heartburn/frequent peeing/feeling hungry/going to sleep and waking up/etc meant I was pregnant.

Then came the new sticks. 7 brand-spanking new pregnancy tests. You’re supposed to start testing about 4 days before your period is due.

I started testing 7 days before. Of course. (what can I say – peeing on sticks is an addictive practice).

Lo and behold – 2 days before my period was due – a positive – albeit a faint one.

No happiness this time. Mostly skepticism. Other things were going on….

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