Chapter 4: Blighted Ovum

16 Dec

It’s 5 days before our 8-week appointment. World cup finals are on. My husband and I aren’t really soccer fans, but we just got HD and we love having people over. It’s a fun night with good food and all.

Everyone goes home and I go to pee. I wipe and I see blood. Not much blood. But it’s there.

I freak out. A mega-google-fest begins.

Probably nothing to worry about – right?

But the next morning we go to the women’s emergency clinic  just to make sure.

The incompetent doctor that does my ultrasound says that there’s a sac. And it’s empty. But it may not be. Actually she’s not sure. I should really wait until my appointment that coming wed. with yet another stranger doctor to confirm.

We walk out of the clinic. I go and buy a pack of cigarettes.

I light one up and lose it completely.

My husband – being the amazing husband that he is, does his best to keep it together.

4 hours later and I’m in the office of an OBGYN that came highly recommended by a friend. And boom – world shattered.

There was no fetus. Something happened that made my body think it was pregnant and create a sac – but there was no fertilization.

I get scheduled for a D&C two days later. I will spare you the gory details of my freak-out over general anesthesia.

I’ll just say that it went smoothly.

I went through 3 days of unbearable pain while my uterus shrunk, but medically speaking, everything was ok. Medically speaking.

Just thank goodness for that very expensive private doctor who actually knew how to explain stuff to us.

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