Chapter 3: Choose your doctor wisely. Seriously.

16 Dec

So I’m about 5 weeks along at this point. (we’re talking June 2010). Since I don’t have a gyno/obgyn I just pick one randomly that works with my medical plan (Israel has a universal health care system – complicated and not important at this point).

We go to the appt. and it’s still early so basically we see a little white circle. Nothing much else. Oh – and this doc’s an asshole.

He’s just not nice. I don’t like him. I want to change him, and like, now.

So a week later I do – and I make an appt for week 8 of the pregnancy with yet another doctor – knowing this is when we’re supposed to see a heartbeat.

So two more weeks go by. Nicknames are being made up for the fetus, cravings are happening, people are being told. I’m feeling a bit weird (could be the nicotine withdrawal), all is well. For now. It seems like everyone is basically trying to digest the fact that if all goes well, by march first we will be parents.

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