Chapter 2: No seriously – WHAT?!?

16 Dec

Ok, it’s inevitable that I will be discussing things like ovaries here. So my apologies for each time you may feel uncomfortable. but those are just the facts, ma’am.

I have PCOS – short for poly-cystic-ovarian-syndrome. If you don’t know what it is, look it up because hey – I’m not a doctor. Sorry.

So basically from the time I was 18 or so I’ve been told that getting pregnant would be hard. Like, really hard. I prepared my husband for it, even way before he was my husband. I prepared myself. We were ready to buckle down and try our little hearts out.

And like I said in the previous post during the honeymoon we sure as heck tried our little hearts out.

Three weeks later, we’re back home, and my husband gets called up for a week of military reserve duty (something most men have to do until the age of 45 or so in Israel).

At this point, my period is late. But I have PCOS. Late periods are normal for me. But also, I’m kinda nauseous. Weird, because the cruise is over and all.

So I figure – what the heck, we’re trying to have a baby, let’s hit the pharmacy, get some ovulation sticks and some pregnancy tests.

Value packs being what they are, on day one of my husband’s reserve duty I come home with 6 pregnancy tests and a home ovulation kit.

I go. I pee on the stick. It’s positive.

No – wait – what?!?!


There must be a mistake. So let’s try this again.

Pee-stick #2: Positive.

Ok – at this point, I’m still a bit skeptical.

Pee-stick #3: Positive.

Holy crap.

No way.

Seriously? It was that easy?!?

Step one: freak out.

Step two: call my mom.

Me: mom – um – are you alone?

Mom: no.

Me: mom – go somewhere quiet and sit down, ok?

Mom: Ok done.

Me: Mom – I um, I um — I think I’m pregnant.

(this is the point where things sink in and I start shaking and crying –  from joy – really from joy)

Mom: *freaking out*

Me:*freaking out*

Mom: I’m gonna be a grandma!!!

Me: *freaking out* – OMG do I call my husban? He’s in the middle of the freakin’ desert!!!

So I call him. He is in total shock. Happy shock methinks, but shock nonetheless.

I calm down. It’s decision time. Doctors appt. to set up a blood test. Quit smoking. Now. Quit smoking NOW!

Blood test is positive. Husband comes home. Happiness and nicotine withdrawal ensue.

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