And so it continues

16 Dec

Ok – so I don’t blog. Really I don’t. It’s practically 2011 and in two decades of internet usage I have never ever ever blogged.

So why am I here? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure if I’m going to be sharing this with the world at large (though I know that inevitably once it’s on the web, it’s on the web.).

But here’s the thing: I like to google. And when i go through rough stuff I google. A lot. And over the last six months, no matter how much I google, I can’t find comfort for what I have gone through. So here I am, writing, in the hopes of comforting myself, and maybe, just maybe – if I ever have the guts to truly publish this – comfort someone else.

So this will be a blog where I share what I”m going through, and what I have gone through, in my absolute ambition to be a mom. I’ll start with some posts to update everyone on what’s happened so far, and then, hopefully will continue to update on what will continue to happen. Wish me luck!

One more note: I am for the time being, keeping this anonymous. It’s not out of shame, just practicality.

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